Thom Rainer

Five Steps to Respond to a Hurtful and Hateful Email

The Internet has certainly brought us incredible ways to do commerce, to get information, and to communicate. But it has an ugly and evil side to it as well. It allows cowardly critics to hide behind a keyboard and cut people to the core through blogs, social media, and email. So how do we respond when we get a hurtful email?

Monastery of St. Samuel the Confessor

Gunmen Attack on Egypt's Coptic Christians Results in at Least 28 Deaths

At least 28 Coptic Christians and dozens more were injured when multiple gunmen attacked them on their way to a monastery on Friday. According to reports, eight to 10 gunmen stopped the bus in which the Coptic Christians were traveling, and forced the passengers to recite the ‘shahada,’ a declaration of the Islamic faith.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

The Faithful and Wise Worker

Jesus wants us to be a faithful and wise worker. God entrusts each of us with a precious task. God is glorified through what He has entrusted to us. Jesus said, “I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do.” (Jn 17:4). Workers work.

Thom Rainer

Five Reasons Church Members Attend Church Less Frequently

About 20 years ago, a church member was considered active in the church if he or she attended three times a week. Today, a church member is considered active in the church if he or she attends three times a month. Something is wrong with this picture. For 2,000 years, the local church, as messy as it is, has been God’s place for believers to gather, worship, minister, and be accountable to one another.


Korean American Pastors Encouraged to Persevere in Ministry at National Korean American Pastors' Conference

“God has called you to his kingdom work. May you be encouraged. Stay the course. Don’t give up. Be tenacious.” Such were the words of encouragement given by Eugene Cho, lead pastor of Quest Church in Seattle, to a group of more than 50 Korean American pastors gathered at the National Korean American Pastors’ Conference (NKAPC), which took place from May 15 to 18 at New Life Fellowship in Bothell, WA.

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