• Grace Community Church

    LA County Court Allows Grace Community Church to Worship Indoors

    On Thursday, the LA County Superior Court stated that there would be no court order that prevents Grace Community Church from holding their weekly indoor worship during the recent COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Jesus 2020 Campaign Sign

    Thousands in Support for "Jesus 2020" Campaign

    Thousands of christians across the country are purchasing campaign signs for "Jesus 2020" to promote hope and positivity.
  • Debt forces Elderly Couple to Convert to Islam

    Debt forces Elderly Couple to Convert to Islam

    In August 2020, the International Christian Concern, an interdenominational human rights organization, reported that an elderly couple situated in Pakistan was pressured into converting to Islam as a means to settle a financial debt caused by the recent economic impact of COVID-19.
  • President Trump Visits St. John's Episcopal Church

    President Trump believes that God will recover the economy from the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic

    At a small rally in Minnesota on Monday, President Donald Trump revealed the conversation he had with God about this current economic crisis. Trump said God told him that He's going to have him rebuild "the greatest economy in the history of the world" again. President Trump believes in what God has…
  • Homeschooling on the rise amid COVID-19 education policies

    Homeschooling on the rise amid COVID-19 education policies

    As a result of the ongoing effects caused by COVID-19, parents throughout the U.S. are looking into the possibilities of having to homeschool their children for the first time as regulations and uncertainties hinder the current public education system. Amid this crisis, Christian Organizations ha…
  • John Piper

    John Piper describes how Christians can discern and apply the Will of God

    Christianity, born thousands of years ago, can at times seem an antiquated religion. In today's modern age, in which the sky no longer limits us, and the complexities of life entangle our souls, it is ever more difficult to decipher God's plan for us. However, Pastor John Piper presents us with an a…
  • Meghan Markle remains faithful in God

    Actress, Meghan Markle shares her faith in God throughout the darkest times

    "It's prayer and conversations with God that have gotten her through the darkest moments. That's something that plays a significant role in her life and her relationship with Harry. The two have been on a journey of faith together."
  • Robert Trump Died at the Age of 71

    Robert Trump Died at the Age of 71

    President Donald Trump announced that his younger brother Robert Trump, 71, died Saturday August 15th at a New York hospital. Throughout the depressing moment, the White House publicly made the announcement via statement from Trump, "It is with heavy heart that I share that my wonderful brother,…
  • Trump's younger brother died on Saturday, and it is not easy for him

    The White House announces service for Robert S. Trump's funeral

    Trump recently shares his emotional post about his younger brother's death. He also shared his intentions of having Robert's funeral at the White House.
  • Salvation only comes through Jesus

    Most people believe salvation is earned by being good

    "You consider yourself to be a Christian; and when you die you will go to Heaven only because you have confessed your sins and have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior."
  • Pastors Apprehensive

    Pandemic Threatens Church Unity

    Recent studies show that the pandemic has brought a sense of division amongst protestant churches as to how to properly handle worship services.
  • Heritage Foundation scholars speak out against Madison School District transgender name and pronoun policy

    Heritage Foundation scholars speak out against Madison School District transgender name and pronoun policy

    At a recent Heritage Foundation panel called the Protecting Children in Education Summit, activists and scholars discussed the introduction of policies that allow transgender children to dictate their own pronouns and names at school. This policy has come under fire for violating the primary authori…
  • John Piper’s Journey as a Calvinist

    John Piper’s Journey as a Calvinist

    Piper reiterates the meaning behind Romans 9; stating that its teachings are a reference to life and the choices that we make. Rather than controversy or intellectual thought, Romans 9 is about the choices that shape our very being and its relation to the vision that God has for us as well as a visi…
  • Protestors in Portland Beat Man Unconscious

    Protestors in Portland Beat Man Unconscious

    Throughout the month, there have been many protests in Portland which led to several violent accidents. Last Sunday night, August 16th, a white man was dragged down from his truck and got beat till he passed out. At 10:30 PM, the crowd surrounded the truck that crashed into the light pole at Southwe…
  • Getting prepared for an In-person worship.

    Most Churchgoers are Satisfied with Online Services, but It Cannot Replace Congregations

    Over the years, Pew Research conducted online surveys of a nationally representative sample of U.S. adults about religious beliefs, practices, and experiences. For the first time, respondents were asked about participation in online worship services. The poll was drawn from 10,211 randomly select…
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