▲Samulnori (traditional Korean percussion) Worship Team Basileia during Opening Ceremony. ⓒⓒ PMF Hosting Committee

Pyeongchang Music Festival “Let the Whole World Sing”

On February 23, Pyeongchang Music Festival was held with the theme 'Let the Whole World Sing' at the Gangneung Central Methodist Church near Gangneung Ice Arena. It was convened two days before the closing ceremony of Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Games is held.

▲Rev. Billy Graham met with Rev. Junghyun Oh, senior pastor of Sarang Church at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina, 29 July 2008.

Billy Graham's Remark on Korean Reunification

Rev. Billy Graham, who passed away on February 21, 2018, had a close relationship with South Korea. In 1973, over one million people gathered in Seoul for "Billy Graham's Evangelistic Event in Korea."

Minji Gong takes a role as a narration in the video made by JEONHAM.

Former 2NE1 member Minji Gong “Why Gospel needs in Europe?”

A singer Minji Gong, a former member of the renowned K-pop group 2NE1, highlighted the reason Europe needs the Gospel and called upon Korean churches to sponsor for the Gospel AD. She is going to be a model for the Gospel AD made by JEONHAM

Korean American churches had a special prayer for the freedom of the Republic of Korea.

"Millions of Korean Diaspora Saints, It's time to rise for Korea"

Korean churches in the U.S. prayed for churches and people in the middle of the Korean Peninsula, Regarding the discussion on Korea’s constitutional amendments, churches prayed that Korea would defend liberal democracy and unify with Christ. They also prayed earnestly for the ROK-US alliance to be strengthened. Each Korean church held special prayer meetings for the Republic of Korea at 5:30 am, 5:45 am, and 6 am, sharing prayer topics after sermon, and praying for the freedom of Korea.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

A Beautiful Bloom in Long Wait

A few days ago, one of the cacti bloomed in the front yard of our house. It was an orange flower, and indeed it was beautiful. You have to wait a long time to see the cactus bloom. The reason being is that cactus flowers are not easy to bloom.

Thom Rainer

Seven Characteristics of Reactionary Pastors

Allow me to speak to the most common mistakes of reactionary pastors. Perhaps you will see yourself in one or more of these characteristics, with a prayerful hope you can make the necessary changes.

Mission Agape

Mission Agape Expands Reach to Those in Peru

Mission Agape, which has been carrying out acts of love toward those who are homeless in downtown Atlanta, held a meeting at a local cafe on August 20, reporting updates on their mission work in Peru.

Jin O Jeong

The Way of the Cross XV: Heidelberg Disputation, Thesis XV

In the previous thesis, we discussed Luther’s two primary elements on the Will: the active will and the passive will. While Scholastic theology in the Middle Ages argued that with active power by free will even after the fall, human beings can accumulate merits to be saved, Luther argued that there is no longer power that can do good works for salvation inside human beings.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

Pain is a Tool of Grace for Change

Pain always hurts and never gets easier. Pain is painful. So, we want to avoid pain at all cost and surround ourselves with only happiness. However, life does not always give what we want.


'Mother's Love,' on Mother's Day

In this light while considering the depth of Mothers’ love, discover our thanks in review of the three Mother characters revealed in today’s sermon and capture how we too may nurture and set the examples to our children to follow as a Mother ourselves.

Dae Jun Kim

Pastor Kim's Daily Prayer: Help Us to Bear Good Fruits

Thank You, Lord, for waiting and protecting us until we bear beautiful fruits. As we receive Your great love, help us not to bear evil fruits that have forgotten Your grace. Help us to try our best to live in Your words so that we may bear good fruits.

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