Joshua Choon Min Kang

The Heart of Learning is Beautiful

It’s a beautiful thing to be able to learn. The heart that desires to learn is a beautiful heart. It is said that the word ‘beauty’ is originally derived from the word, ‘know’.

All gender restroom

Trump Administration Reverses Transgender Bathroom Directive

In a letter jointly signed by the Education and Justice Departments on Wednesday, the Trump administration rescinded a directive given to public schools during the Obama era to allow students to use sex-segregated facilities according to their gender identity.

Bryan Kim

Being Alone Versus Together

Being 'alone' has taken the reins of an emerging new cultural shift. I recently read an article which commented on the aesthetics of 'alone culture' by illustrating that there are those who eat alone in a restaurant, drink alone at a bar, play alone, sing alone, do make-up alone instead of at a beauty salon, and camp alone, among other things.

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