Bryan Kim

Changing from a Snobbish Face, to a Shining One

As I am not able to hide my age any longer, I dye the snow-white hairs underneath my ears. The compliments of "You haven't changed a bit!" used to be meaningless to me, but now holds credence over my life.


Where Do Christians Stand on Marriage, Online Dating, and Cohabitation? Study Explores Questions on Current Day Romance

A new study released earlier this month explored recent trends on marriage, online dating, and cohabitation, and where Christians fall in the map. On marriage, the Barna Group study, which was released on February 9, found that while just a little over half of the general adult population are married (52 percent), a higher proportion of practicing Christians and evangelicals (59 percent) are married.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

What We Read Makes Us Beautiful

I received four books as gifts during the last Sunday. It was a really amazing day. Two books were written in English, and the other two books were written in Korean. I am happy when I receive a book as a gift.

Thom Rainer

When the Pastor Has an Affair

It happens too frequently. It can be the lead pastor or any church staff member. And too many churches do not handle such tragedy well.

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