David Lee Sanctification Presbyterian Church

After Overcoming His Own Challenges, One Teen Aims to Give Hope Through Writing

Since the day David Lee was born, he was faced with challenges to overcome. He was born prematurely, weighing 1.8 kilograms, and had retionpathy and cerebral palsy. But at the young age of 13, he has already written 120 poems, and in 2016, published his first collection of poems called, ‘The Child Who Walks in Wisdom.’

G2G-KODIA forum

‘All Theology Is Born Out of Contextual Struggles and Questions’: G2G-KODIA Hosts Forum on Contextual Theology

“Every theologian is historically particular … They all struggled with their own particular contexts. These people we consider giants of theology struggled with their own questions.” Such was the case made by Dr. Daniel Lee, director of the Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary, who spoke at a forum on Monday hosted by G2G-KODIA.


‘Historic’ Initiative Seeks to Connect API Community to Employment Resources

To help the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community get connected with the employment resources they need, Korean Churches for Community Development (KCCD) has partnered with the city of Los Angeles to launch the API JOBS (Job Opportunities and Business Success) Initiative, which was announced on January 26.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

The Grace that Allows Us to Understand the Beauty of Holiness

God has recently allowed me to understand the beauty of holiness. That is one of the great favors that God has done for me. Of course, although I am not good enough, I have lived a life of pursuing holiness until now. Because of my interest in holiness, I have purchased and read books about holiness whenever I came across such books.

Thom Rainer

Six Current Trends in Land Purchases by Churches

I have noted on numerous occasions the incredible pace of change impacting churches. Another change is increasingly become more evident: how and when churches make land purchases. Here are six major shifts.

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