'Channel Your Passion for Overseas Missions Through Teaching'

Those who dream of becoming the next Horace Underwood will be gathering together in one place in February of next year. PAUA (Pan Asia Africa & America Universities Association), an association of universities in Asia, Africa, and South America, will be hosting a conference in Southern California to mobilize people to participate in mission work through education by working as professors in one of PAUA’s universities.

LA Theology Conference

Theologians Gather in Southern California to Discuss the ‘Task of Dogmatics’

For the fifth time, theologians from Southern California and across the world gathered in the West Coast for the annual ‘Los Angeles Theology Conference’ co-hosted by Zondervan, Biola University, and Fuller Theological Seminary. This year, the conference took place at Biola University from January 12 to 13. The two institutions take turns hosting the conference each year.

Joseph Choi small profile

Four Additional Criteria to Fine-Tune the Meaning of 'Evangelical' for Chaplains

Who is an Evangelical? I consider myself an evangelical Christian—I grew up in a home with my father being a passionate evangelical Presbyterian pastor. I attended an evangelical flavored church all my life. I attended and graduated from an evangelical seminary with two graduate degrees. I’m also ordained by an evangelical denomination.

Thom Rainer

Six Statements That Can Kill a Church

Words can kill churches because they often have deadly actions behind them. As we begin this new year, please allow me to share six statements that I have heard from church members whose churches have died.

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