• Dennis Mbongeni Jali

    Fake Pastors Arrested for $28 Million Church Ponzi Scheme

    Three Maryland men were arrested and charged for wire fraud, securities fraud, and money laundering. Dennis Mbongeni Jali, John Erasmus Frimpong, and Arley Ray Johnson posed as fake pastors to gain the trust of many churchgoers and “allegedly preyed on their victims with false hope of financial se…
  • Faith Baptist Church

    VA. Vienna Town Buys Faith Baptist Church Property for $5.5M

    On Monday, the Vienna Town Council approved the purchase of the Faith Baptist Church property for $5.5 million. The decision will be funded by general obligations bonds from earlier in the year.
  • Currently churches and homes are demolished and residents are left with no shelter

    Baptist church pastor dies from hurricane Laura

    Among 18 deaths related to Hurricane Laura, Pastor James Vernon cart Jr. who pastored First Baptist Church of Iota has died on Aug 27th. According to his wife, the pastor has gone to bed around 2:00 A.M while she was with her grandkids and suddenly a tree fell on his roof.
  • Algerian President

    Algerian President Urged to Reopen Churches by the ICC

    The International Christian Concern, ICC, hand-delivered a letter to the Washington D.C. Algerian Embassy. The letter contained a call to action for President Abdelmadjid Tebboune to reopen churches that were forcibly closed by the previous administration.
  • Ethiopian Christians struggle to make ends meet

    Pandemic Incites Further Discrimination of World Christians

    Christians who are among religious minorities in other countries are being discriminated against for their faith and denied life saving aid.
  • Chinese government continues national cross removal campaign

    Chinese government continues national cross removal campaign

    China has resumed its campaign to remove crosses on Christian churches in the aftermath of the pandemic. According to the Italian magazine Bitter Winter, in the first half of 2020 the Chinese Communist Party mandated the removal of over 900 crosses in the eastern provinces of Jiangsu, Anghui, and Sh…
  • Democrat Vernon Jones calls for congressional hearings after being harassed by 'mob' in D.C.

    Democrat Vernon Jones calls for congressional hearings after being harassed by mob in D.C.

    Vernon Jones, a Pro-Trump Georgia Democratic Representative at the RNC last week, is calling on Democrats to open hearings on the widespread unrest that has intensified after the police shooting of Jacob Blake.
  • Two deadly bomb attack leaves 14 dead

    14 people were killed and 78 others were injured, deadly double bombs in Philippines

    The Philippines is still struggling to rid their nation of ISIS influence. Over the week, 14 people were killed and 78 others were injured after the two bombs exploded in Jolo, Sulu. The first bomb detonated at the main street in the town of Jolo in Sulu province, about 621 miles from Manila. It…
  • Refuge Baptist Church torn apart from a tornado

    The Refuge Baptist Church demolished from a massive tornado in Arkansas

    The Refuge Baptist Church in Lake City was completely demolished from the tornado which occurred on Thursday night in Arkansas. Luckily no one was injured inside the church and the pastor who lives next door confirmed he is safe at the moment.
  • Underground Biblical-Era Fortress Discovered in Israel

    Underground Biblical-Era Fortress Discovered in Israel

    The biblical-era fortress, which dates back to the 12th century B.C., was discovered in Israel. Israel Antiquities Authority reported that the 3,200-year-old fortress was likely built by the ancient Canaanite civilization to protect against Philistine invaders. The fortification measures 59 feet…
  • The Sacred Church remains strong for their 150th anniversary

    Church in Virginia celebrates its 150th year in the community

    Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in Virginia celebrates its 150th year in the community. The church is known to have one of the largest congregations of any church in the Winchester area. The church maintained roughly about 3,200 families and 10,000 members. The Church was dedicated on July 18,…
  • Cynthia Miller (14-year old young girl)

    14-year old girl dies from hurricane in Lousiana

    An unbelievable hurricane struck down homes in Louisiana, killing at least six people from the falling trees. The National Hurricane Center reported the Laura slammed the border of the coast with winds of 150 mph at 1:00 a.m. Forecast reporters have warned residents that the storm surge would be …
  • Crosses in China are taken down by the government authorities

    Crosses in China are taken down by the government authorities

    China Aid announced from August 20 to September 20, they will conduct a month-long investigation to crack down on illegal religious activities in China. The notice was sent out by the Xinyang City Gushi County Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau. The Chinese bureau set a reward of 500 CNY (72 U…
  • Melania Trump's shows sorrow

    Melania Trump shows sorrow to families who are suffering throughout the pandemic

    First Lady Melania Trump made comments about the COVID-19 pandemic, empathizing sympathy for the lost loved ones. On Tuesday, the lectern was held in the White House at Rose Garden as she spoke about her immigrant upbringing and her belief in the American dream.
  • COVID-19 case reports by state

    CDC Reveals Only 6% of COVID Deaths are Solely Due to the Virus

    As of Monday, the United States had the highest number of confirmed Coronavirus cases of any country in the world. However, recent data reports from the CDC reveals that of the 182,149 COVID-19 related deaths, only 9,683 were a direct result of the virus. Approximately 94% of COVID-19 deaths o…
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