• Pastor Tim Keller, survivor of cancer, retired pastor for Redeemed Presbyterian Church, co-founder of The Gospel Coalition

    Pastor Tim Keller provides updates on his fight with cancer

    Pastor Tim Keller has stated that there is progress on this ongoing fight with cancer. In doing so, he also expressed his dependence on God during this time.
  • Pastor Smothermon Preaching At Legacy Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico

    New Mexico governor bumps up church gathering capacity limit to 40%

    Governor of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham, increased the gathering capacity limit of houses of worship by 40%. During the beginning of the pandemic, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham recognized spiritual burdens that the COVID-19 restrictions placed on places of worship but she reass…
  • Deadly Bomb Explosions in Southern Philippines

    Deadly bomb explosions in Southern Philippines

    Two deadly explosions killed at least 23 and injured 75 injuries on August 24 in the island town of Jolo, the capital of the Sulu province in the Philippines. The explosions occurred near the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel where 23 people were killed on January 29, 2019. …
  • Lynch fights for Trump and religious freedom

    Granddaughter of Esteemed Evangelist Billy Graham Speaks About Religious Freedom

    Cissie Graham Lynch speaks at the Republican National Convention, urging people of faith to vote for Trump once more to ensure their religious freedom.
  • Santa Clara Church fined $15000 for holding in-person services

    Santa Clara Church fined $15000 for holding in-person services

    The North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara has been fined $15,000 for holding indoor services in violation of the county health order. It was the largest corona virus related fines levied in Santa Clara County. The county issued the church two $5,000 fines last Sunday for holding indoor morning …
  • Awaken Church Service

    Awaken Church in San Diego has reopened doors to the public

    After 5 months of adhering to public health orders set to slow the spread of the novel Coronavirus, Awaken Church in San Diego, California has reopened its doors to the public. Ever since Governor Newsom's banning of large indoor gatherings and services, Awaken Church proceeded with outdoor and onli…
  • Donald Trump with His Supporters

    During the third night of the 2020 Republican National Convention, many speakers came forth to share their experience with President Trump's leadership. Each speaker shared powerful messages that endorsed President Trump's 2020 Campaign for Reelection.
  • Pastor John Piper, founder of

    Pastor John Piper's advice on how to recover from a tragedy

    Pastor John Piper starts his conversation on recovering from suffering with an introduction of a broken woman's story. She asked for guidance saying, "Pastor John, I need your help. Tragically, back in 2007, I backed over and killed my 18-month-old grandson with a car. I was devastated. I remain dev…
  • St. Mary's Church in Dallinghoo dating back to the 14th century is receiving grant funding from the National Churches Trust.

    Churches and Chapels awarded a total of $670K in grants amid Covid-19 financial struggles

    Forty-five historic churches and chapels in the U.K. are receiving grants from the National Churches Trust after being financially hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant money is hoped to fund needed repairs, maintenance, and the installation of community facilities across England, Scotland, Wal…
  • John C. Sapp Jr., a 34-year-old church leader confessed to holding sexual relationships with two minors and is now indicted of 89 counts of sexual abuse.

    Church youth leader indicted of 89 counts of committing sexual abuse on 2 minors

    A youth leader of a Delaware church is accountable for more than 80 counts of sex abuse after confessing in a meeting with a pastor on Feb 13 to "inappropriately touching" a minor. John C. Sapp Jr., a 34-year-old from Hartly, Delaware confessed to have held sexual relationships with two teenage g…
  • Church gatherings postponed until further notice

    Durham University state there is lack of engagement throughout digital service

    In May, Dr. Peter Phillips and Digital Theology have studied and specialized research centered on the study of digital religion. Researchers at Durham University stated the population has engaged with faith digitally during the lockdown. According to the report by Durham University, the UK adult…
  • Bishop Yambasu's sudden death strikes believers

    Bishop Yambasu dies from road accident

    On August 16, the Bishop of the Sierra Leone Area of The United Methodist Church passed away from a road accident outside Freetown. According to Phileas Jusu, the Bishop was on his way to attend a funeral service for Rev. Edward Kamara. Bishop Yambasu, the founder of the Child Rescue Centre in Si…
  • New born babies are forced to face abortion. 'genocide'

    Chinese communist gov. orders abortion at hospitals

    "They wouldn't give the baby to the parents. They kill the babies when they are born. It is an order that has been given from above. It is an order that has been printed and distributed in official documents. Hospitals get fined if they don't comply, so of course, they carry this out."
  • California Church Holds Indoor Services in Defiance of a Restraining Order

    California Church Holds Indoor Services in Defiance of a Restraining Order

    The pastor of a California church that defied health officials says he will continue to worship indoors.
  • California Church Holding Indoor Services Despite a Restraining Order Fined $10,000

    California Church Holding Indoor Services Despite a Restraining Order Fined $15,000

    Pastor Jack Trieber from a Santa Clara at North Valley Baptist Church was fined $15,000 for defying the restraining order by Gov. Gavin Newsome. Trieber repeatedly disobeyed orders designed to limit the spread of the disease, causing significant public health and safety concerns. Over the week…
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