Dae Jun Kim

Pastor Kim's Daily Prayer: I Rely on Your Faithfulness

"We acknowledge that we can only fall apart no matter how hard we try if You do not allow things to happen. You have complete authority over our life. We are just like a house built on sand if You do not protect us."

Thom Rainer

Five Overcorrection Mistakes Churches Make

The pendulum swings in churches. The congregation does not like a previous direction, so they overcompensate with the next move they make. Often, the overcompensation becomes a more challenging situation than the previous state.

Bryan Kim

A Shoe Musing

They say that when a tiger dies it leaves its leather, but when a people die they leave a legacy (their name). I regard that as the remnant of a life well lived. The reason why there is such an emptiness when a person passes away is precisely because of that remnant of a life well lived. When I think about our congregants that passed on before us, I still fully miss them as their legacy is left behind and remembered.

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