First Southern Baptist Church of Walnut Korea mission

Korean American Students Travel to the 'Motherland,' Carrying the Gospel

A team of short-term missionary students in the English ministry of First Southern Baptist Church of Walnut left to South Korea on July 20 to share the gospel. The aims behind this mission trip were many, including restoring a sense of identity as a Korean in the Korean American students, and more importantly, providing them an opportunity to be messengers of the gospel.

Dae Jun Kim

Pastor Kim's Daily Prayer: Let Our Lives Be Testimonies of Your Providence

Thank You for allowing us to reflect on whether we are not taking more than what we actually need because of our greediness. Allow us to only rely on You and free us from greediness and fear of the future. Instead, help us to have integrity and be responsible in taking care of our given duties.

Thom Rainer

Ten Roadblocks to Church Revitalization

Why are so many of our churches not moving forward? Since so many of our churches are in need of revitalization, let’s begin by seeing what roadblocks hinder turnarounds. Here are ten of the most common.

TJWG North Korea map

Human Rights Group Maps North Korea's Killing Sites and Brutalities

While for many years, human rights advocates and defectors from North Korea have decried a lack of concrete data on the abuses perpetrated by the regime, a recent report published on July 19 presented some findings that the group hopes will help further efforts to keep the North Korean government accountable.


Things that happen when you don’t pray

If you follow the reasons you do not pray, it leads to fear. 1) If you don’t pray because you are busy, you will lose confidence in your calling and your priority will be lost. “The apostles were devoted to prayer and to the ministry of the Word.”(Acts 6: 4). Things that happen when you don’t prayBecause it was the most important thing.

Bryan Kim

The Rainbow at Black Mountain

It started with the airport. As I arrived at Ashville, North Carolina, it felt at the very least cozy, if not completely reverent.

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