For anyone who achieves something, it would be best to keep his feet on the ground. Clayton Kershaw is a World Series champion and most are lauding him for his performance. But as far as the grateful 32-year-old is concerned, he is still trying to get himself to believe it.

The Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Tampa Bay Rays, 3-1, to bag the 2020 World Series title in six games a couple of weeks ago. It was their first championship since 1988, and is even sweeter in the sense that they won after falling short of winning the pennant in 2017 and 2018, reported.

Kershaw, considered as one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball history, could not believe they've won the title. The team had not claimed any World Series title in 13 seasons, and also failed to win the championship in recent years. That perhaps makes it even more special for the outspoken Christian.

Kershaw's humility can be easily seen during interviews, where he would often say that he is just happy to be part of the team and part of something historic.

"I just keep saying it over and over again - World Series champs, World Series champs. It hasn't sunk in yet," Kershaw, who was the winning pitcher in Games 1 and 5, said as per Christian Headlines.

Throughout his career, Kershaw has proven that he is one of the best talents to play baseball. His resume easily shows that: he is an eight-time All-Star player, a three-time Cy Young winner, and is considered as one of the best pitchers in history. The World Series win is undoubtedly the perfect topping to his list of achievements.

"I'm just so, so very thankful to be a part of this group of guys. And so very thankful that we get to be on the team that is bringing back a World Series to the Dodgers fans after 32 years," Kershaw said in a post-game interview.

Despite his humble take, his teammates feted and him and branded him as one of the league's best pitchers. That did not matter much for Kershaw, who said winning the World Series was all he cared about rather than his legacy.

"I don't care about any of that, man. We won the World Series. I don't care about legacy," he said to reporters. "... All that other stuff is just pointless. It doesn't matter."

Rather than touch on his legacy, Kershaw owes it all to God for where he is right now. Faith is the reason why he exists and this is the reason behind baseball and all other endeavors he is into like charities. It is also the reason why he and his wife, Ellen, started a "faith-based, others-focused" non-profit organization known as Kershaw's Challenge.

"All the things that I do - all this baseball stuff, everything in Africa, all the charities ... is all great, but the ultimate glory is not for us," Kershaw said when he was interviewed on "In Depth with Graham Bensinger."

Kershaw has never shied away from discussing his Christian faith. It was during his high school years where he started to get serious about his beliefs. At that time, he grew more intent on learning more about Jesus and finding out what He was all about.

Looking ahead, Kershaw and the Dodgers should be a team to watch in the coming years. That 2020 World Series triumph was memorable but more titles could be within reach.