The "Million MAGA March" was meant to be peaceful but disorder and violence eventually set in. Antifa and BLM Militants assaulted several Donald Trump supporters in Washington DC on Saturday with children also getting caught in between the turmoil.

The protests against the United States presidential elections started peacefully when thousands gathered at the nation's capital. US President Trump even paid a visit before things got ugly in the afternoon as Antifa and BLM activists showed up and agitated the attendees, The Post Millenial reported.

Disturbing footages caught byThe Post Millennial showed many of the attendees being harassed and physically harmed by the militants who arrived on the scene.

One footage involved a little girl being assaulted:

The violence started when people began dispersing. Aside from the assault on the little girl, there were also scores of Trump supporters injured. One of them was a man who was physically attacked at the Union Station. He ended up with a head wound that left him in a bloodied mess.

Others tried to flee the scene for safety, but Antifa militants kept stalking them. A young Trump supporter saw local police and called for help.

Aside from these, there are also reports of other supporters being attacked by Antifa and BLM militants.

One footage shows Antifa militants stomping on the head of one of Trump's supporters in the rally.

  Other videos showed the anti-Trump militants hitting, throwing eggs, and splashing unknown liquids at attendees walking through BLM Plaza.

But in what appears to be the most disturbing footage taken from the "Million MAGA March" turmoil was the one that involved a mother and her child being attacked by Antifa. The mother could be seen trying to flee the area with her small daughter. The child, however, was eventually thrown to the ground in the middle of the ruckus.

There were scores of unforgettable scenes from the violence that occurred in the "Millions MAGA March" with a lot of those in attendance ended up crying and fearing for their life. So far, 21 arrests have been made about the protest violence, most facing different charges.

So far, four people were arrested with one facing assault charges, the Washington Post reported. President Trump showed footage of a supporter being hit from behind with a sign and eventually falling to the ground.

Some of the attackers were identified. One particular attacker was identified as a child sex offender who have been released from prison recently. This BLM militant was caught on video as he sucker punched a man who was attending the rally.

Another attacker was identified to be a third-year journalism student. She was caught on video as she was attacking at least two Trump supporters. She has since deactivated and her social media accounts, and also removed her personal website.

A legal protest

The Million MAGA March was meant to be a peaceful protest calling for honest elections. Tens of thousands of Trump supporters showed up to raise their voices and demand transparency and accountability in the recent US Elections.

Biden's campaign, along with mainstream media, continue to announce that the former vice president won, but the US Congress itself disputed this claim in a letter sent to the General Services Administration. The Electoral College hasn't announced who the winner is, which means Biden's claims remain unconfirmed.