The number of faith community bible studies' participation dropped while the number of individual people using the Bible increased during the pandemic lockdown season, a survey revealed.

A recent study revealed that the number of believers that participate in small group Bible studies in the community of faith dropped during the seasons of restriction due to the COVID 19. Meanwhile, more Christians confined in their houses used their bibles more often in response to the challenges that the novel coronavirus scare brought.

The American Bible Society, in cooperation with the Barna Group, conducted a survey on the Americans and the role of the Bible in the American culture. Part of their study involves the well being of Christians, discipleship that includes the level of believers' participation in Bible-centered activities as well the measure of their Scripture engagement.

The team posted the results of the survey in a 176-page report that contains the comparisons of the figures gathered before and after the pandemic. They gathered the first amount of data in January and compared them to the information they acquired in June.

49 percent of the respondents claimed in January that they were part of a group that allows them to learn about the Bible, know more about God, and talk about things that could strengthen their spiritual well-being. When asked the same set of questions in June after the lockdown period, the figures from the respondents dropped by 10 percent. Due to the restrictions on in-person gatherings, only 39 percent said they are part of small groups who study the Bible and the word of the Lord.

On the other hand, people who had a close encounter with the risk of the COVID 19 pandemic claimed a remarkable increase in their use of the Bible. The challenge of the deadly disease made them commit themselves more to studying the Word of God and knowing Jesus and His miracle healing power.

Meanwhile, 65 percent of average respondents revealed that their use of the Bible remained the same as they would before the lockdown. 21 percent claimed that they now read the Bible more than before while 10 percent said they read less during the trying times.

In the aspect of faith, COVID 19 affected both practicing Christians and non-practicing Christians on various levels. 84 percent of believers said that the pandemic brought their faith to the next level and 46 percent of non-practicing Christians agreed while 53 percent disagreed.

Given the figures, Mike Seawright, an associate minister at Truro Anglican Church in Fairfax, Virginia reminded the Christians in the US to remain in the primary calling to follow Jesus. He said that in spite of the temptation to be ahead of the curve, the real issue now is what God wants us to be not what we should do.

He even quoted the words from Andrew Peterson, a musician songwriter as a reminder saying "To read the Bible and do what it says, to love our neighbors well, to serve joyfully, to preach faithfully, to learn again to pay attention to the Spirit," according to the Christian Post.