Actress and author Candace Cameron Bure appeals to everyone to help "save" Christmas so that they may be able to serve those in need.

Candace Cameron Bure asked every individual in the United States to help rescue Christmas this year. She appealed to Americans for help and find something they can do to save the season for the families that are currently in need.

Bure is working with the Salvation Army in reaching out to the needy. The actress and the team also want to show the world various ways how they can help millions of needy families as the world celebrates Christmas differently due to the COVID 19.

The Hollywood personality reminded the people that even if this year's Christmas will be far different from how everyone celebrated the past holidays, Christmas is not canceled. So she asked the public for help to rescue the season as she and the Salvation Army still wants to help.

During the COVID 19 lockdown, Bure went her way to extend help to the Christian charity. She did not only work with the Salvation Army but she was even an ambassador for the institution for many years.

As America and the world faced the novel coronavirus challenge, the "Fuller House" star saw how the Salvation Army had to provide more services and goods. This created a domino effect on the demand for donations.

Salvation Army does not only help as the calamities are up. The team provides long-term assistance to the needy.

The author said the organization does everything and still helps even long after the disaster strikes. After the holiday season ends, the team still provides for people and is always there for them, the actress described.

However, due to the ongoing restrictions as well as the requirement to exercise social distancing, the organization is expecting to see a decline in the donations given to red kettles by half this year. Yet the organization sees an increase of up to 155 percent in the number of people seeking help. This means almost half more than the 23 million people that the Salvation Army helps annually.

In the midst of the challenges that the team may go through, the queen of Hallmark Christmas movies encouraged those who donated in the past to continue doing so. Even if it is just by dropping a few dollars in a bucket or going directly to the website to donate, she assures kind-hearted donors that their gifts all go directly to the red kettle campaign.

Meanwhile, when asked what she would pray for the world this Christmas, she answered, filled with faith, "My honest wish is for people to know Jesus Christ," the actress said. "It's my mission in life."

"I love people and I want to share with them the best news I've ever known in my entire life, the author concluded.

The former childhood star also shared how she and her family will celebrate Christmas differently this year. She said they spent the past 10 Christmas cooking meals, serving at homeless shelters, sit down and eat with them and just talk.

Although they may not do that this year, Bure said she remains hopeful and fixes her eyes on the silver lining, the Christian Post reported.