While some preach Christ to the people, the Redeemed Quartet of rural Indiana sings instead to bring the knowledge of Christ to many.

In a report by The Christian Post, Ben Duncan, the Redeemed Quartet's oldest member at the age of 25 said, "A sermon certainly can reach people, but we've found that a song also can open up people's hearts to the Gospel."

For the group hailing from rural Indiana, their journey to singing gospel music is a ministry that they never really planned.

Six years of passionate singing for Christ led them to have almost 6 million views in their YouTube channel.

Their songs have reached not only thousands - but millions - of other believers worldwide.

The group is composed of two sets of brothers. Ben and his brother Nate, 23 is the same age with Caleb Koble and Josh respectively. In almost every music video, the Redeemed Quartet looks very laid back wearing their cowboy boots and similar attire.

What sets them apart from people their age is that instead of singing upbeat gospel songs, they sing hymns and songs that were written long before any of them were born.

Caleb explains, "We grew up listening to that style of singing."

It's no surprise given that the Duncans' father is a Free Methodist pastor while the Kobles' father is a Nazarene pastor. To make the story even better, their families became close friends as they both live near the Michigan border in Goshen, Indiana. Both of their families have interdenominational mindsets and for a decade, they both held services in homes.

For the members of the Redeemed Quartet, performing worship songs is not something they thought of in the future.

It wasn't until 2014 when they attended a southern gospel convention that the 'nudge' of God became clear to them.

People kept asking and are hopeful that they were a singing group. None of them could read music let alone had any vocal training. But after a year, they went public to sing songs for Christ - after much thinking, prayer and practice on their part.

Remembering their humble beginnings, Nate shares how he first thought that they were better than they really were.

He admits, "Listening to the stuff we did, if we knew then what we know now, we probably never would have kept singing."

If there's one thing that's constant with the Redeemed Quartet's music videos, it's the presence of the Scriptures and the Word of God.

"Everything is changing so much now. It's so uncertain, and we've got to keep going back to the Word," Nate shares.

Because of their music, the Redeemed Quartet have heard of so many good testimonies from their listeners. Some said that their music helped encourage them. Others went on about thinking of committing suicide yet their music helped lift up their spirits when they heard it.

The group also focuses on the people's need for salvation and the shortness of time until Jesus' return which is very apparent in the songs and hymns that they sing.

For the Redeemed Quartet, singing songs is not their only ministry, but about showing Christ with their lives.