Lee Strobel, former atheist and a renowned author, has announced the launched of a four-week online video Bible study series investigating the birth and divinity of Jesus.

The free, four-week video study series will start on Nov. 1 and will finish on Jan. 1, 2021, a report from The Christian Post says.

In the series, the participants will understand not just the history of the birth of Jesus, but also the logical veracity of the events that happened in the Bible concerning His birth. Strobel will help participants to see and understand that the four Gospel books in the Bible are all historically reliable as they tell the life of Jesus in different perspectives.

The free Bible study video series is sponsored by Bible Gateway, a popular website among Christians all across the globe.

Strobel shared in a statement how he loved the Christmas season.

"When I was an atheist, I loved the Christmas season, because I managed to focus on all the superficial trappings of the holiday instead of the spiritual dimension."

He also added that the 4-part video "will separate the traditional myths from the real facts of the Christmas story by uncovering scholarly evidence gleaned from research and interviews regarding the true nature of Christmas."

Since he became a Christian in 1981, Strobel has always been fascinated with the life of Jesus and started to investigate and study about His life, especially the season of His life surrounding Christmas.

"I wanted to separate the holy day from the holiday, the facts from the fantasy, the truth from the tradition, and get down to the historic bedrock of what Christmas is all about."

At first, Strobel's intention was to prove that Christmas is just a flimsy legend that developed over time as decades passed by. However, his "thorough investigation" of the life of Jesus led him to an ancient history that validates all that happened during the birth of Christ. He adds that Christmas cannot be written off just as a make believe or a mere legend "because it's based on reliable sources."

He also considers the birth of Christ, Christmas, as the greatest story of history.

"In this four-week experience, we set aside Santa Claus and Christmas trees and delve instead into the question of what we can really know with confidence about the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

It is, after all, the greatest story of history. And, the greatest stories of history are the ones that turn out to be true."

Aside from the free video Bible study series on the birth of Christ, Strobel also announced in late August that he will be launching an evangelism center in collaboration with a Christian university in Colorado to equip the next generation, revitalize churches and to fuel spirit renewal in the country. The center will be called the Lee Strobel Center for Evangelism and Applied Apologetics that would put together evangelism and apologetics, which is to get "people past their spiritual 'sticking points.'"

He adds that if people's doubts and objections can be addressed, it can make great progress for God.

"A lot of people in culture have objections, questions, and doubts about God, and when we can give them a reason for these things, it can make great progress for God."