Research reveals that if Americans only knew the truth, they would have voted for President Donald Trump and not for former Vice President Joe Biden.

According to a report by CBN News, a recent survey reveals that former Vice President Joe Biden would have lost if the news media had not covered up the stories about the alleged scandals surrounding him.

In the same way, President Donald Trump would have won the election if the news media reported the successes that his administration has achieved instead of ignored it.

Brent Bozell, President of the Media Research Center, shared in a news conference how the media has brought the electoral system in peril by withholding important information from voters.

"This is a very, very serious assault on democracy. When you don't have the freedom of information when information is being withheld from the voters, do you really have a functioning democracy? And I would submit that the entire democratic system in America -- the electoral system -- right now is in peril."

The Media Research Center (MRC) together with The Polling Company asked 1,750 of Biden's voters from seven swing states which include North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and Pennsylvania. All six, except North Carolina, were called for Biden.

To measure the effect of the 'censorship' performed by the media, the MRC asked the voters about eight important news stories. Of all the voters, 82 percent - which is a huge majority - said that they were unaware of at least one of the important news mentioned. Five percent said that they were unaware of all the important news and issues asked.

The results showed that not knowing about the scandal involving the former Vice President helped Biden during the election.

As it turns out, 35 percent of voters admitted that they did not hear any report about a scandal involving Biden, such as the sexual assault scandal with Tara Reade or the financial scandal involving his son, Hunter.

Had they known, 9.4 percent of those voting would have changed their vote. Instead of just one, six of the swing states would have voted for Trump which would give him a total of 311 electoral votes.

On the other side, how the news media did not report about Trump's successes during his presidency badly hurt the POTUS's chances of getting more votes.

For this part, the researchers asked Biden's voters and found out that 49 percent of them are not aware of the historic and staggering jump of the US economy with a 33 percent growth in the third quarter under Trump's leadership.

If they had been aware of it, almost six percent of Biden's voters would have voted for Trump and the current President will win the reelection with a winning margin of 295 electoral votes.

Even saddening was the fact that Biden's voters were not aware of Trump making history by brokering peace agreements with Israel and other Arab countries that earned the current President three Nobel Peace Prize nominations, not to mention Trump's push for energy independence by making America an exporter of oil for the first time.

It looks like millions of voters in America voted knowing only what the media has permitted the people to know about the presidential candidates. If they just knew the truth, the election results might have turned out differently.