President Donald Trump's legal team presented voter fraud evidence that piled up from witnesses in Georgia last Thursday, December 3, a report says.

Most notable of the evidences presented was from Peach State wherein CCTV footages in the polling precinct of the State Farm Arena showed poll workers carrying suitcases of ballots, One America News Network reported.

A whistle blower, in the OANN video report, testified that a pipe burst announcement caused poll workers to evacuate the area but that it was actually a false alarm and was planned so that the suitcases of ballots can be brought in.

Leading the investigation for the Trump Campaign on Peach State were Attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis who have been travelling states--Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona-- the past week before going to Georgia for the hearing on election irregularities.

Some of the other findings from the Georgia hearing revealed "2,506 felons voted illegally in Georgia, 66,248 under age and therefore ineligible people to illegally register to vote before their 17th birthday when the law requires 17 and half years old; at least 2423 individuals to vote who are not listed as registered".

Ellis, in a tweet, said there was a huge spike for former Vice President Joe Biden "during the same time the suitcases of ballots started to be scanned" in the Georgia video.

The video evidence being shown in the Georgia Senate Hearing is shocking," Ellis said in her twitter account.

She also retweeted Grant Stinchfield, a reporter-anchor from NBC, who examined the Georgia video.

"I examined the GA video of those mysterious ballots. Watch the woman in purple. She appears to feed the same ballots through twice!!! It appears she does this three times! There is nothing 'normal' about this!" Stinchfield said.

Guiliani, on the other hand, said on Twitter that the video was hard evidence that "Trump won Georgia!"

He then released a video in his YouTube account that analyzed the Georgia video. He described the hearing in Georgia as the most exciting and a "breakthrough of major proportions" since it shows how votes were stolen for Joe Biden on purpose.

He also hit on big media for purporting lies on their allegations on electoral fraud.

"The media prefers to print the lies by the Democrats," he said referring to the actions of the media in the face of the volume of evidences coming up on election irregularities, "This is a swindle of major proportions."

"This is a 'bank heist' pulled off in the middle of the night clearly indicating that the Georgia Democrat party was stealing the election for Joe Biden on purpose," Guillani stressed in his video analysis on the Georgia video in his YouTube Channel.

The Trump legal team is said to continue in its effort for election integrity, as per One America News Network.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, in line with these developments, called for another signature audit on elections results. As per The Augusta Chronicle, the call is designed to compare signatures on sample absentee ballots with those found on a voter's registration application.