John Cooper, Skillet vocalist and bassist, just declared "war" against cultural relativism with the help of a new book that he just released.

The Christian Post reported that after more than two decades of entertaining his fans and audience, Cooper is now intent to drive home the truth in an era where Biblical apathy is prevalent.

In a recent podcast, Cooper shared what the "crisis" is all about with people believing that all they have to do to get to heaven is be good - even without Jesus.

"We have gotten so scared about saying things that are true that it has caused a crisis.

"It has caused a crisis of people believing that they are good and that they can reach heaven without Jesus' help."

In his mission to combat the chaos brought about by relativism and defend Biblical truth, Cooper release his debut book titled, "Awake and Alive to Truth: Finding Truth in the Chaos of a Relativistic World."

Cooper also shared his reasons for writing the book, "I wrote Awake & Alive to Truth because we live in a culture that is more concerned with tone rather than honesty, emotion rather than critical thinking, and empathy rather than truth. I believe truth is revealed by God and God alone."

Prior to his podcast, Cooper has become more vocal with cultural relativism - a belief that says that norms are neither right nor wrong, but just different and depends on whatever society dictates. This only means that what is wrong to one person can be right to another and vice versa, as long as it is the "truth" that they believe for themselves.

Skillet's lead singer got deeply involved with the plaguing cultural issue came when he saw some of his Christian friends started struggling with their faith. Worse, his friends who were supposed to know Christ and the Bible started to make comments that are not really aligned with Biblical truth.

Some of his friends even said, "I don't think that Jesus is the only way."

Upon hearing that, Cooper fears that faith is being watered down which cause his own faith to rise up and spark a desire to speak out and help others find truth in rather chaotic culture that is now suffering from a full understanding of what the truth is as the Bible tells it.

"There is chaos happening for a reason and we need to be bold about what those reasons are," Cooper said. "If you just ground your life in the truth of Christ, you can escape all of this chaos."

Cooper adds how a disturbing trend seems to come up among people telling things about "your truth" and "my truth" which can be vastly different from each other.

He then added how many churches are not aware of this reality that is not happening even inside the churches.

"Relativism is something that Christians cannot believe. We are in war where the church is losing so much ground within the church ... the church is not looking like Christianity anymore."

Cooper knows the stakes are too high to just give up on the issue of cultural relativism. The faith of Christians is at stake as is the truth anchored on what the Bible says.