A New York Democrat's bill will allow authorities to arrest and detain anybody deemed dangerous to public health, if passed.

Nick Perry, New York State Assemblyman, proposed Bill A416, a bill that will allow authorities to arrest and detain anybody that could pose a danger to public health. The proposal aims to protect every individual in the community and keep everyone safe during the epidemic of any communicable disease by isolating and forcibly detaining anyone deemed dangerous to public health safety.

The bill which will be referred to the Assembly's Health Committee on Wednesday earned a lot of criticism even from the early stage of its revelation, Fox News reported. Some see it as a risk to public freedom and a license for the government to impose detention on whomever they desire to arrest.

"This is straight-up detention camp stuff in NY! A Bill giving [New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo], Health Commissioner or any 'designated' official full 'power' to remove any person/group of people from their home if deemed contagious," said Liz Joy, who ran for the New York Congress in 2020. "It's horrifying. Wake up NY [and] Fight!"

In their Twitter post, several New Yorkers expressed concern about where the bill will lead the citizens of the entire state. Some see it as an avenue for the government to remove anyone from their houses for reasons the state itself can decide upon.

"So disturbing. NY bill allows for the *removal and detention* of anyone who 'may be a danger to public health.' Yes, that's purposely undefined," Allie Beth Stuckey, a conservative podcast host, said on Twitter. "Yes, it will be used, at least one day, to forcibly remove you or your children from your home for whatever reason the state sees fit," the host added.

The bill is not new to the public as earlier versions of the rule were introduced during the 2015-2016 legislative sessions at the time when the Ebola virus scare broke out. Critics now see the bill as part of the tightened health safety measures that the government imposes to combat the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

In a statement, Perry responded to the criticisms explaining to the public how he understands the sacredness of the Constitution being an American. He added that he understands that the Constitution provides citizens the right to agree or disagree, hold different positions on issues relating to civil or constitutional rights.

A part of the bill declares that a part of the section will be implemented once the state governor declares a health emergency state due to the spread of a communicable disease.

In a Twitter update, Prostate Cancer expert and Newsmax contributor Dr. David Samadi, MD asked his followers to express what they understood about the bill.

Dr. Samadi's tweet earned the attention of many followers expressing their concern on where the order will lead the people. Some rightly call it "unconstitutional." Some even indicated that it reminds them of concentration camps in Germany under Nazi rule, Marxism, and Communist China. One particular netizen said this kind of legislation is the reason why "we never should've given them an inch."