2020 may have hit the movie industry with a tough blow but Christian filmmakers are back to prove that there is no stopping from impacting the world through faith-based movies.

Below are just some of their treats to watch out for this 2021, according to the Christian Post:

"The Passion of the Christ: The Resurrection"

Almost 16 years after rocking the movie industry with its blockbuster release, Mel Gibson brings the sequel of the 2004 hit "The Passion of the Christ." The film director revealed that the sequel will be called the "Resurrection."

Teaming up with "Braveheart" screenwriter, Randall Wallace, Gibson said the "Resurrection" will bring viewers to a trip back between the death of Jesus Christ and his return. The filmmakers described the sequel as a big subject taking three years to complete the work.

"You do it so that it makes sense," Gibson said. "You do it so that it surprises. You do it so that it enlightens," the director added telling Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church that something like this project should never be half done.

"Redeeming Love"

Redeeming Love is an adaptation of a bestselling novel bearing the same title. Cindy Bond, the producer, cannot deny that the novel itself changed a lot of lives and believes that this movie will touch even more, CP reported

One testimony comes from an unidentified actress in the film who admits that reading the book made her want to reconsider her faith.

"I'm not a Christian, and this book makes me want to believe," the unidentified actress revealed.

The story revolves around a girl who discovered the redemptive power of unconditional and sacrificial love. It is based on the Old Testament book Hosea and is set in 1850 during the California Gold Rush.

"Jesus Revolution"

Kingdom Story and Lionsgate, which recently released the hit movie "I Still Believe" that landed on the number one spot in theaters on its opening night, is up again to release another must-see movie.

"Jesus Revolution" is written by Jon Erwin and Jon Gunn. Actors Joel Courtney and Jim Gaffigan will play lead roles.

The film portrays the Jesus movement, the spiritual awakening in Southern California in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The story is about Harvest Christian Fellowship senior pastor Greg Laurie, who was a counterculture teenager at the time. He became part of the teenage hippies that spearheaded that spiritual awakening in the land.

"The defiant search for truth, the fight against oppression, the hope for a better future in the midst of social turmoil," Gunn, said. "In that way, it's not unlike our world today," the co-writer added.

"Unbreakable Boy"

"Unbreakable Boy" is a funny and inspiring movie from the true story of Iowan Austin LeRette, a boy born with a rare bone disease and autism. The story revolves around the challenges that a young couple had to face and how their unique son constantly inspired them and brought joy and optimism amid the trials they faced.

The movie started filming in 2020 and is set to be released sometime in 2021.


Almost a decade after grossing $35.2 million during its first release, Alex and Stephen Kendrick now bring back "Courageous," but with some new interesting details.

The filmmaker assured that viewers "will get to see what happens to many of the characters 10 years later! It's a new ending with a few surprises!" CP reported.