Cory Asbury's new song, "Unraveling," may just be the perfect anthem to sing for those who have been weary from the past year.

Relevant Magazine shared that "Unraveling"  is "an absolutely gorgeous anthem-especially powerful for anyone who's wrestling with uncertainty, depression or anxiety."

According to his interview with the American Songwriter, the worship leader took a sabbatical to "take time to rest, spend time with family, and to spend time with Jesus."

But in light of all that he has done to rest, his decision to reflect on life and spend more time with the Savior resulted to some of the best and deepest song he has ever written. What's even more surprising for Asbury is that he was able to write so many songs in the shortest period of time.

"All of the sudden I just started getting song ideas and lyrics and melodies and I couldn't shut it off. It felt like a water hose that someone had just flipped open and just poured for about two weeks," Asbury explained.

The song "Unraveling" is part of Asbury's latest album "To Love a Fool."

The album was released on July 31 with all songs written in just a two-week period.

Asbury added that it had been a "cool experience" that he was able to feel such a "download of songs and melodies" all of a sudden.

Of his newly released songs, "Unraveling" seems to be a favorite among those who feel weary of the past year, 2020.

In his interview with CBN, Asbury explained the meaning of his "favorite song on the record."

"In the first line, it says, 'everyone's pulling at me and I'm unraveling.' I think that's sort of that pressure that you feel as a person in a spotlight or people looking at you for an example, and then everyone wants a piece. It's like once you're 'cool' everyone wants to hang with you, talk to you, glean from you, get wisdom from you."

Asbury also explained how he used to have a lot of people, especially the young ones, to go to for advice. But instead of getting advice from them, they flip it right back to him.

He added, "I can't tell you how many times I've been disappointed by that reality."

When listening to the song, the first and last lines seems to be a melding of the same words.

The first line of the lyrics read, "I'm coming apart at the seams, everyone's pulling at me and I am unraveling."

The final line of the song is somewhat similar.

"I'm coming apart at the seams. It's worse than I thought it would be, but I've never been happier."

Asbury explained what he meant by his words which everyone can easily relate to with all that has happened in the past year.

"Essentially what I'm trying to say is when everything's coming apart, when all of the constructs that I've known - my comforts, security - when it's coming apart, then Father, rip it all apart. Let me get down to the bottom of everything and really examine what's going on. Tear it to shreds and let's figure this thing out. Let's rebuild in a healthy way," Asbury explained.

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