Conservative Democrat Vernon Jones becomes a Republican and joins the GOP through a tweet posted on Wednesday evening,

"Moments ago, I announced that I am officially joining the Republican Party," read the first part of his tweet, The Blaze reported.

"Now more than ever, the Republican Party is in desperate need of leaders that know how to fight," he revealed. "I know how to fight."

In addition to this, The Blaze presented that Jones' decision was borne from his experience of the Georgia runoffs and of the national scale wherein the Georgia Representative saw the Republican's "need to support each other" and to reach out to African-Americans.

"They have not learned that yet. Loeffler nor Perdue put together a real stiff team to go after the African American vote," he revealed in an interview with Newsmax. "I did not see a significant effort for the African-American community in terms of voter get out for the Republican candidates."

"The face of the Republican party is going to be African-American men. African-American men, 2 million more voted for the president. The president has cracked the wall on getting African-American men votes," he stressed.

Jones observed during the Georgia runoffs that the Republicans lacked unity unlike the Democrats and this lack has become a liability to the party. He said that this divide has even lead to the Democrats winning in Georgia.

"You and I and others know there has been a split with the leadership of the Republicans, including with the president," Jones told Newsmax in an interview.

"Georgia's still a red state, it's not a blue state. What you've seen happen is you've seen the Democrats more organized and run as a pack. We have not seen that on the Republican side," he stressed.

Despite being a Democrat, Jones have been actively campaigning for Republican senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in the same way he did President Donald Trump for re-election in April of 2019.

Christianity Daily actually earlier reported that Jones wanted the Republican senators to win to prevent socialism from taking over America "and to ensure that the police are not defunded."

"This whole thing has been riddled with irregularities," Jones said, referring to the U.S. elections. "So more people who want to seek transparency should vote than those who allowed those background deals to take place and those who allowed this election to have irregularities and not speaking out about it."

His support of the Republicans have brought him much criticism among Democrats. Republicans, on the other hand, approve his actions.

"We love @RepVernonJones! #MAGA" Tweeted Trump's 2020 Senior Advisor Jason Miller in appreciation of Jones who really attends the campaign rallies for Loeffler and Perdue aside from tweeting about them and the Trump Campaign.

"To big cheers from the Dalton crowd, @RepVernonJones calls for an expansion of Georgia's new hate-crimes law to cover political ideology--specifically, he said, Trump backers wearing MAGA hats. 'Hold the line for Georgia--we mean business,' he thunders from the stage," cited AJC Political Reporter Greg Bluestein on the campaign rally last Tuesday in his Twitter account.

Jones explained, as per The Blaze, that his sensationalized endorsement of Trump last April came from his appreciation of the president's good economic handling and criminal justice reform.