Leaked documents showed that almost 80 million dollars of federal funds were spent to overseas abortion provider, EngenderHealth.

Breitbart reported that the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded two different grants to EngenderHealth, an overseas abortion provider.

From the leaked documents dated Dec. 11, 2013, a total sum of $74,490,086.00 was granted to EngenderHealth by the USAID. For over six years, millions of taxpayer money were used to pay for abortion overseas.

The agreement was originally agreed under the reign of former President Barack Obama. It ended in 2019, six years right after it was signed in 2013.

However, the stipulations stated in the agreement demanded that the grant be paid out even under the new administration of Trump who has been against abortion as he is a strong supporter of life.

In the leaked documents, EngenderHealth began receiving federal fund in 2013, then again in 2018 after five years as was set in the agreement called the "Fistula Care Plus Project." Another separate program called the "Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health Program" was awarded a separate grant of $4,999,562 between 2014 and 2019.

The USAID funding was reported to "promote women's health in foreign countries." However, EngenderHealth was explicitly prohibited to use its funds to distribute equipment that will be used to induce abortions "as a method of family planning."

Originally founded as "The Sterilization League of New Jersey," the organization EngenderHealth focuses on women's health and their reproductive rights.

The organization was founded by Marian Stephenson Olden who became notorious for being an advocate of improving the human species and made her reputation even more 'remarkable' when she began the promotion of compulsory sterilization of people with traits that are considered to be "undesirable" while she worked for the Princeton League of Women Voters.

Olden started the organization with the goal of "improving the biological clock of the human race."

Now, EngenderHealth "supports comprehensive abortion care (CAC), including safe induced abortion, emergency treatment of abortion-related complications, and postabortion contraception," as stated on their official website.

According to the organization, they were able to help avert a reported total of 1.4 million unsafe abortions in 2019 and also mentioned helping women reduce the stigma that comes with getting an abortion.

"We also work within communities to reduce abortion-related stigma and increase awareness of unsafe abortion as well as aid civil society organizations that advocate for conducive policies and systems."

While the earlier agreement with USAID has been signed under Obama's administration, EngenderHealth made an earlier protest in 2017 when then President Donald Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy which banned federal funding on abortions overseas.

In their statement, EngenderHealth made it clear that "it is a fundamental right for all women and girls to be allowed access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care."

The president and CEO of the organization, Ulla Müller added how the Mexico City Policy strips women of their rights.

"The Global Gag Rule effectively strips them of this right to make decisions in their private lives that will empower them to lift themselves out of poverty and enable them to live up to their full potential."

EngenderHealth is one of the prime examples of a social organization ruled by three movements in modern family planning in the U.S. - reproductive rights, eugenics and population control - all of which push for abortion.