Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani urged President Donald Trump to declassify "everything" because he "owes it to Americans" during an interview held with The War Room's Steve Bannon last Friday, reports say.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Giuliani called on Trump to declassify everything before he leaves office after former Vice President Joseph Biden is inaugurated on Jan. 20.

The Gateway Pundit said Giuliani was actually wondering why the president hasn't done so after he had already "made similar comments in December" on declassifying.

On the other hand, One America News Network announced that Giuliani has actually advised Trump to "declassify more documents" during the podcast with Bannon.

The OANN report said that "Giuliani alluded to the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and the Russia probe while discussing the possible declassification effort" and that "the former mayor refuted claims that declassifying documents would pose a threat to national security."

"So far there have been a lot of declassifications. Again I say, fascist tactics," OANN quoted Giuliani in saying.

OANN also cited that Trump actually started last year in declassifying the Russia investigation documents.

In line with the declassification, OANN presented that there might be difficulty doing this in public considering the President's social media accounts were suspended through a tweet made by Newsmax' John Cardillo.

"Funny how Trump was universally deplatformed just as he was being pushed to declassify everything, isn't it?" Cardillo raised.

Previously, the Hill reported that Giuliani wished Trump would declassify in a tweet posted on Dec. 30, 2018 containing a clip of the former mayor's interview with Rising with a link leading to their article on the matter.

"Rudy Giuliani: I would 'love' to see Trump declassify Russia docs," The Hill said.

Giuliani, in the said interview expressed his limitations as a private lawyer in so far as the declassification of government documents are concerned by Trump.

"As his private lawyer, that is not something I can properly advise on because that's really something about classification," Giuliani began, "Declassifying is a governmental act, not a private act and he has very good counsel."

"But my own opinion is I'd love to see them. Of course they have to be revealed properly but just reading around them and knowing what I do know, I don't know exactly what the classified material is," he added.

"But the question is--but there's no question we overclassify in this country. We classify you know somebody ordering Chinese food," he explained, "I mean, it's amazing. When you look at classifications as I used to do in the Justice Department, that C is--confidential is put next to everything and that could be rationaled up as classified."

Giuliani has also experienced "screening" of his social media accounts by Big Tech YouTube and Twitter--the former has censored his Common Sense podcast and particularly removed his video regarding "What Really Happened On January 6?" while the latter has marked posts on the same content with, "This claim of election fraud is disputed and this Tweet can't be replied to, Retweeted or liked due to a risk of violence."