The State of New Jersey penned the allegedly wicked "license to kill bill" that lets even non-doctors to perform abortions up until birth.

New Jersey officials and legislative leaders showed their support to what pro-life advocates dubbed as a horrifying bill written on paper. The Reproductive Freedom Act was introduced in October last year and aims to remove barriers from their so-called reproductive health which actually promotes contraception, freedom control, and worse even abortion.

The NJ "Reproductive Freedom Act" (S3030/A4848) says "a fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus may not be understood to have independent rights under any of the laws of this State." This means, abortion from conception up to the day of birth will not be considered a crime.

It also states that even non-doctors can perform an abortion upon the aborting mother's consent, CBN News reported.

"Any health care professional, acting within the professional's lawful scope of practice and in compliance with generally applicable regulations, is authorized to provide abortion care," the law says.

Pro-life advocates now urge citizens to rise up and let their voices be heard by calling the attention of lawmakers to reject the bill. Some even said that the name of this radical bill misleads the people.

"The title of the Act is deliberately deceptive," said Frank Tinari, a parishioner of Holy Family Church in Florham Park. "It should more honestly be titled, 'Pregnancy Termination Act,' or better, 'Developing Baby Extermination Act," Park added.

Park expressed his grief over the bill saying seeing something so horrifying written on paper is a very sad history of the state. He questioned how people can make a law that makes killing a baby in the womb look good to others.

He cited the horrific pain that a child can feel by allowing abortion. He also mentioned that such an act endangers the life of the mother and can hurt society as a whole.

Lisa Hart, vice president of Morris County Right to Life said the bill should be called the 'License to Kill Bill,' or 'Kill at Will Bill'.  She explained that with this bill, the lives of young pregnant moms are at stake because they are able to get an abortion even without parental consent or knowledge.

"It attempts to enshrine in perpetuity the ability to kill a baby in the womb through all nine months," Hart said. "It removes the conscience protection for medical workers. It allows non¬doctors to commit abortions," the vice president added, according to CBN.

Art Ally, Timothy Plan founder reminded everyone that infanticide is the ultimate evil and that there is nothing more horrific than the death of a helpless, voiceless child whom the Lord plans to give life.

"We will be held accountable if we don't help stop the killing of our most precious ones," Ally said.

Christine Flaherty, director of Lifenet told The Beacon that the name of the bill is very ironic. It is called the Reproductive Freedom Act yet it takes away the people's individual freedom.

As politicians and pro-life advocates from various states continue to oppose the bill, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on the other hand continues to boldly declare his support for the Reproductive Freedom Act.