Marriage is a union of two immensely different individuals and its success is often being challenged by various factors in life.

Jeremy and Adrienne Camp, a Christian singer-songwriter couple, shared the relevance of having personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and "vulnerability in marriage" in helping the relationship thrive, The Christian Post wrote.

Speaking on "The Crazy Happy Podcast", Jeremy said, "You can't do marriage without Jesus, period. I think that's the key, is putting Him in the center of marriage."

"Marriage is not about our happiness it's about our holiness ... you realize getting in there that you're being refined. I think that people have this idea when they are stepping into marriage that, 'I'm going to find the person that's going to fulfill me.' When you go into marriage with that mindset, 'I found this person that's going to fulfill my heart,' you're setting yourself up for failure," he continued.

"Marriage doesn't complete you. Jesus completes you. Marriage is just a partnership together and walking through this life together."

He emphasized the relevance of finding fulfillment only in Jesus Christ and recalled a statement from his wife saying that he may be the love of her life and that God had put them together but she does not need him as much as he thinks she does because Jesus is her "everything".

 Adrienne also added, "...He's the one that's going to fulfill those needs you cannot fulfill."

He said that her statement does not mean he is negating his responsibility as a husband but that he looks to Jesus for everything.

"When you look to your spouse for things for everything, you will be disappointed because we're human, we're flawed, and they can't provide the things that only Christ can," Jeremy added.

The couple also shared about how they strive to follow the will of God in their marriage through their new book, "In Unison: The Unfinished Story of Jeremy and Adrienne Camp."

Adrienne said that secrecy is the enemy's trap and that "there is power and vulnerability."

She stated that the book contains the things that they have learned through their marriage and that they don't have it figured out but on a journey together. She also said that they wanted to keep the Lord Jesus Christ at the center of their relationship, knowing that it is how couples get through.

In another article published by The Christian Post in April 2020, Jeremy pointed out the truth about spiritual warfare and urged couples to be vigilant in fighting the schemes of the enemy.

He said, "What people don't understand is the seriousness of the enemy trying to break up families."

"A Christian marriage is a reflection of Christ and His bride, the Church. It's an example of unity and oneness. So of course, the enemy is like a roaring lion, seeking to devour and destroy marriages. We must understand we don't wrestle against flesh and blood; it's the enemy of Jesus trying to cause conflict. He wants us to fail. If he can get the Christian to fail, then the world around us will ask, 'Why do I need Jesus?'"

"We have to have an awareness of the enemy's role in the breakdown of marriages and immerse ourselves in God's Word. The Bible gives us all the tools we need to fight the lies of the devil," the singer explained further.

The downtime caused by the pandemic was initially hard on Jeremy as his music career was halted following the shutdown of live-entertainment events but it has apparently helped him grow his faith and family relationships, CHVN Radio reported.

The couple has three children together and been married for almost 17 years. Their love story is portrayed in the film "I Still Believe" wherein they found love after Jeremy lost his first wife, Melissa, to cancer.