American Actor Dean Cain encourages parents to guide and protect their children against predators in the trafficking industry on the internet.

Dean Cain is starring in the new film "Trafficked: A Parent's Worst Nightmare" which is inspired by multiple stories that happened in real life from American suburban families whose lives were greatly devastated after one of their children was kidnapped and trafficked.

Cain,a professing Christian, expressed his concern towards child trafficking in a Christian Post article, "I just think it's a hugely important topic and subject for today that people don't really appreciate how dangerous it is, [and] how many predators exist out there for our children."

"My son is 20 years old now but I've been having these conversations with him for 20 years, about the internet and people and safety and situational awareness and all these different things," the single father and human rights activist said.

The movie "Trafficked" was released on January 26 and is currently available on Digital HD and DVD. The story revolves around the life of Allison Riley (Sophie Bolen), a beautiful young girl with a bright future and dreams of becoming a Veterinarian. She was last seen after she sneaked out of her house on the night of her 16th birthday to meet up with a boy she met online.

"Her parents, Joanna (Kristy Swanson) and Case (Mark Boyd), contact the police who assume that Allison is just out with a boyfriend. They reluctantly hire Private Investigator John Belton (Dean Cain) who has a reputation for making his own rules. Belton quickly discovers that Allison had likely been trafficked by a handsome young man she met online and that he's on a race against time if the Rileys hope to see their daughter again." the synopsis states.

Cain, who starred in "God's not Dead," said that everyone can be a victim of peer pressure, especially younger people on the internet.

"We all want someone to like us and pay us attention and that sort of situation," Cain claimed. "So to see it happen with this one girl and her story, I think, is a very effective way of warning everybody about the real dangers of human trafficking and predators for our children. That's a very clear and present danger. Unfortunately, in this day and age, the internet lets everybody into your room."

Cain also gave a piece of advice to safeguard children from being lured by online predators:

"Parents and children may not like what I'm going to say but that's too bad. Know your kid's passwords, monitor them online, monitor them when they're playing on the Xbox, monitor them all the time," the single father advised.

"My son, he was allowed to play all kinds of things but he had to be in the room with me. So the conversations he was having with people, he was in the room with me, he was stuck, there's no one else he could run to," the Superman actor in "Lois & Clark" added.

He emphasized how involved he is when it comes to his son and he is always paying attention, especially when using the internet.

"It's a horrible invasion of privacy for your children, but they're your children and you're trying to protect them." he continued.

"It's something that I think should be up in the forefront of our conversations, especially with all our kids on the internet, and how that opens up your entire home and their lives to predators," Cain added.

This film by Joel Paul Reisig which is distributed through the Virgil Films shows the extreme journey that parents face when they discover that their children have been a victim of human trafficking, particularly in today's internet-connected world.