The head of a social media organization urged Christians to shun Big Tech and leftist companies and build a "Christian Economy" instead.

In his blog posted on his own social media company,, Gab Chief Executive Officer Andrew Torba called on Christians to stop supporting leftist organizations and those that destroy America and its values, LifeSite News wrote.

Torba revealed that his company has been deplatformed by one of the banks they are working with.

"Over the course of the past week Gab has been deplatformed by one of our banks, a business we were working with to source new server hardware, third-party infrastructure analysis software, and even our accountant," he said.

But he said that the move was not new to them since more than 25 service providers including Apple and PayPal also took the same action.

He remained hopeful saying that God "is working to separate the wheat from the chaff," adding that the deplatforming "reforms Gab into an even more resilient community, business and platform."

The CEO stated that he is in the process of transitioning every area of his financial expenses to support media companies, businesses, content creators and people who belong to the Christian community and stand for Christian values. Further, he said that he is done giving his money to "The Enemy" focused on the destruction of America and its values. He is encouraging everyone to also do the same.

"At this point we have no choice but to 'build our own' everything. That starts by supporting those who are already building and share our values. It's not about simply building our own social networking platforms anymore, it's about building our own Christian economy," he said.

"Deeply examine the businesses, brands, and media companies you currently support both financially and with your time. If they are not serving God, they are serving Satan," he continued.

He also criticized cancel culture and the critical race theory which he said "is a fraudulent, vapid, and pathetic subversion of well-meaning Christians, churches, and Christian values in general."

Torba urged parents to teach the children about the issue.

"Homeschool them if at all possible. Cut the cable cord. Delete the Big Tech apps from their phones and your own. We have a lot of work to do, but remember that we have the Creator of the Universe on our side. Through Him all things are possible."

He said that "the silent secession" is currently "largely digital and economic" but he is hoping that it "will change at some point in the future," fully supporting what he called "Jesusland" - America, which is a "Christian nation" that was founded on Christian values and built on Christianity, more specifically "on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ."

"We have naively believed that pagans and others would not cut us down the moment they got into power as we are seeing unfold before our eyes over the past few decades. Lesson learned," he further said.

He concluded saying that it is time to adhere to the Biblical standard in 1 John 2:15.

"Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him."

Torba told National Public Radio that the social media company does not take down statements on Gab believing that such move would censor the speech freedom of conservatives. The company has reportedly doubled its registered users to 3-4 million since the Capitol riots, garnering an 800% spike in website traffic.

Gab is a mix of Twitter and Facebook wherein users can post messages limited to 300 characters, CNN noted. The platform features pro-subscription tier, merchandise shop, a Chrome web browser extension for its commenting system called "Dissenter," which is also the name of its fast and privacy-focused standalone browser.