European authorities have long faced the threat of Muslim predators, but are hesistant to punish them, choosing instead to stand for polical correctness so as not to be called "racist."

Since the 1990's, white women across Europe have suffered in the hands of migrant sexual predators, most of which come from Muslim-majority countries. According to CBN News, white women have been and are continuing to be targeted by these predators, but European governments are taking only minimal steps to persecute them, for fear of racist tag. Now, Christian Concern is raising awareness on how immigration and Islam are threatening the safety and security of thousands of women in Europe.

Christian Concern U.K. Head of Public Policy Tim Dieppe explained that these perpetrators are "gangs of men who groom young teenage girls and abuse them for sex." These girls and women are being used by these Muslim perpetrators and abusers, "imprisoning them and passing them around to lots of other guys, lots of other people, and even selling them for sex."

BBC reported in 2020 an update on Operation Bullfinch, an investigation launched by the Thames Valley Police to uncover the various sexual offences against underage girls occurring in Oxford from 1998 to 2012. Nearly a decade since the investigation began, 32 men that were part of a grooming gang were charged with sexual exploitation offenses against up to eight girls, with some of them as young as 13 years old.

A separate BBC report revealed that up to 373 children were abused by the sadistic sex gang. Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board (OSCB) Maggie Blyth admitted that there were missteps on the part of European authorities, due to "a culture across all organisations that failed to see that these children were being groomed in an organised way by groups of men."

Human rights activist and best-selling author Ayaan Hirsi Ali highlights that the increase in immigrants, specifically from Muslim-majority countries, have directly impacted the occurrence of sexual violence in Europe, specifically targeting native, white women.

Dieppe criticized European authorities, saying that there is fear in talking about these issues "because they don't want to be called racist and that means that we are sacrificing young girls on the altar of political correctness." Their fear of racist tag causes their inaction, putting thousands of women at risk of falling victims to sexual predators.

Dieppe also highlights the evidence that shows Islam played a role in these offenses against white girls and women, which the European authorities are hesistant to acknowledge as not to ruffle the feathers of the Muslim communities within their own countries and for fear of racist tag.

An unnamed victim even recalled to BBC how, when she was 13, the abusers would pick up girls just outside the social services offices along Cowley Road. European authorities believed that these girls were just being "troublesome, a bit aggressive" and did not want to get involved. She said, "That was not enough for them to do anything about it."

The failure of European authorities to recognize the problem for fear of being labeled as "racists" is also apparent in the Oxfordshire case. The Oxford City Council report called for further investigation as to why a significant portion of the perpetrators and abusers in such cases were in fact Pakistani and or of Muslim heritage.

The report "shows very clearly that the girls were badly let down by the people and organisations that could-and should-have protected them."

Could this problem -officials fearing the "racist" tag and allowing predators to enter in-- be a major concern in America as well? This is worth looking into, especially now that Biden has opened the country's borders as opposed to Trump's policies on immigration.