Beijing police detained a human rights defender for allegedly "subverting state power," which is a false accusation.

Li Qiaochu, Chinese human rights defender, was detained by the Beijing police on the night of Feb. 6 due to allegations of "subversion of state power," China Aid reported.

Security personnel from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) escorted Li from Beijing to the district of Linyi in Shandong Province.

The 31-year old labor issues researcher has been a champion and regular advocate for prisoners of conscience and their families. She was also one of the founders of the New Citizens' Movement, an activist group in China pushing for civil and political rights.

Before her arrest due to false allegations, Li took to Twitter to share the hardship and suffering that her boyfriend and New Citizens' Movement's co-founder, Xu Zhiyong, endured at the hands of communist authorities.

"I am crying while I write this update. For more than a week, CCP agents had tied Dr. Xu to an iron chair for ten hours a day. They deprived him of water and food. When escorting him back to his cell, guards covered his head with a black material beneath a heavy helmet."

According to reports, the CCP transferred Xu to an undisclosed location under residential surveillance of the Shandong Yantai authorities.

Christianity Daily reported that an unidentified attorney testified to the truth of the torture happening to detained human rights lawyer Xu Zhiyong and Ding Jiaxi. Both are reported to be deprived of sleep, food and water, and are continuously interrogated for seven days all day long by several people.

Li recounted that in November 2019, CCP officials asked to "speak" with her. It turned out to be an interrogation that lasted overnight and for more than 10 hours. After that, Li expressed having a "lingering fear" of having another meeting with the officials.

Before her detention, Li was able to share that she requested a subpoena to protect herself "according to legal procedures" and that she agreed to a meeting with a Beijing officer.

She then shared how Officer Guo, the Beijing Haidian officer she was talking to only smiled and said that they would go "according to legal proceedings."

But instead of meeting for just an hour, CCP officials kept on delaying the meeting until a wife of another human rights activist got worried and called Officer Guo when she did not hear from Li in over four hours.

Luo Shengchun, wife of Ding Jiaxi, asked friends to pray for Li's safety.

"Before she met with Officer Guo, every time I heard about the meeting, I felt a tug at my heart. Pray for her safety. Also, pray that God will give civil servants like Officer Guo, a heart that knows shame."

On the same night, Luo received the news that Li was now detained and was escorted by CCP officials to Linyi City. The authorities then summoned Li's parents to the police station to sign the criminal detention notice saying that "Li Qiaochu was suspected of subversion."

Believers are urged to pray for the safety and release of the Christians and human rights workers the CCP imprisoned.