Snopes was found to have a double standard against Christians, as it admitted to publishing an article maligning Biblical truth without actually checking it.

The said Snopes article says that "creationism bears all the hallmarks of a conspiracy theory," Faithwire reported.

The article published last week was an irony for Snopes given that it is one of the most popular fact-checking websites often used by large media companies like Facebook to debunk myths and reveal the "truth."

Paul Braterman, a chemistry professor and author of the double standard article on the site, called himself not only a "skeptic" but also an "anti-creationist."

In the article, Braterman complained about the fact that even though 40 percent of Americans believe the creation story to be the true origin of humanity with God creating the first humans who were Adam and Eve, it was all a "fully fledged conspiracy theory."

"Such beliefs derive from the doctrine of biblical infallibility, long accepted as integral to the faith of numerous evangelical and Baptist churches through the world. But I would argue that the present-day creationist movement is a fully fledged conspiracy theory," Braterman wrote.

He added that those who believe that God created the whole world in seven days as told in the Bible "go to great lengths to demonize the proponents of evolution." Braterman also cited a 2002 article from known creationist Ken Ham and accused him of being "hostile to science."

Funnily, Snopes, which was supposed to be a site that reveals the truth with its articles, added an editor's note on top of the controversial piece saying that "This content is shared here because the topic may interest Snopes readers; it does not however represent the work of Snopes fact-checkers or editors."

A double standard against Christians

Dr. Ken Ham, a known Biblical apologist who has received six honorary doctorates including a Doctor of Science from Bryan College in Tennessee, took notice of the words above Snopes' published article and pointed out how the so-called "fact-checker" did the very thing it tells its readers not to do by publishing an article against creation without actually fact-checking the "facts."

Snopes may not be the original source of the article by Braterman, but sharing it on their platform is "no different than re-affirming" what's written in the article, Ham noted.

Ham, the founder of Answers in Genesis (AIG), an apologetics ministry, slammed the professor for writing the article with its false information.

In a phone interview with Faithwire, Ham called the retired professor as "an ardent atheist" actively looking for defy the teaching of God's creation in schools especially in the U.K.

Braterman's article went to great lengths to link Christians to the radicals who stormed into Capitol Hill causing a deadly riot and even included believers in the QAnon conspiracy theory. According to Ham, Braterman clearly has an "agenda" and it's "against Christians."

"That's typical of what these people do. They try to demonize us by aligning us with groups that we have absolutely nothing to do with at all," Ham explained.

Braterman falsely accused Ham when he claimed that the latter wrote an essay calling the theory of evolution as "the work of Satan" which Ham considers as "false claims" since he made no such comments on the article that Braterman mentioned.

Ham then called out the double standard that seems to apply when it comes to Christians.

"Look at what's happening in this nation when people publish opinion pieces or people publish certain ideas - they're being fact-checked all the time and taken down." Ham explained.

"But when it's something against Christians, and against creationists, it seems there's a double standard."

Ham explained in a Facebook post that Answers In Genesis tried to reach out to Snopes for an opportunity to respond to the article maligning what the Bible said about creation.

"How did Snopes respond?" Ham wrote. "Thank you for contacting Snopes! This is a hosted article. You will have to contact the Associated Press directly to ensure delivery of your message."

"So Snopes obviously didn't want anyone fact-checking an article they published that was not even fact-checked by them! What a complete brush off-and a double standard," he said.

Snopes exposed for disseminating false information.

Isn’t known for supposedly fact-checking items in the...

Posted by Ken Ham on Wednesday, February 10, 2021