The power of prayer is seen at work as a Christian woman has now started "waking up" from coma as people from all over the world keep praying for her.

As per the Christian Post, Hannah Montagu went to a coma after suffering more than a month now a brain hemorrhage and her sister has announced through social media that she is now "waking up" after thousands from around the globe pray for her.

Montagu is a young Christian woman based in England. She was only five months married to Rob when she suffered the hemorrhage. Montagu's sister, Abbie Young, has been the one active on social media asking prayers for her and updating on her status.

Last Sunday, Young said her sister now responds when asked to squeeze hands.

"She's now squeezing hands on demand, swallowing well and having longer times with the cuff down on her tracheostomy," Young posted on social media.

"She's running this race set before her with God's strength in her body. She's brilliant. We are seeing more life in her and we are so thankful," she added.

"Hope is purifying our lives and filtering faith into every aspect. Hannah is waking up," she revealed. "God is hearing every prayer, the fragrance of prayer and praise is strong and we believe he is moving mountains for Hannah."

The Christian Post said Young's post came after some weeks that Montagu's doctors told the family to "prepare for the marathon, not the sprint." Young explained that her sister actually showed going "from strength to strength daily" in the first week she has been in ICU.

Montagu suffered the hemorrhage while taking a bath on January 10. She then fell to coma and was brought to the ICU. The doctors gave her two days to show improvement else they will already start her on end-of-life care.

In an interview with Premier Christian News, Young said her sister showed improvement by moving her arms and legs after having surgery.

"We've seen small little movements. So they are giving us more time so she can rest and she can fight," Young told Premier Christian News.

According to Premier Christian News, a family friend setup an online 24/7 prayer room via zoom and asked people to join in and pray for Montagu since visiting her sister was not allowed by the hospital due to COVID-19 restrictions. Young specifically asked the restoration of her sister's brainstem since it is the worry of the doctors at that time.

The Christian Post added that thousands started praying for Montagu and joined her family in daily prayer, particularly from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., via the online prayer room. They are joined by global prayer warriors as Young said to Premiere Christian News that people praying for her sister come from at least 40 different countries.

"We've had people come on the Zoom from Germany, from Ghana, and we've had people come and share their testament of similar things happening and being healed," she said. "So, it's so encouraging. It's just so encouraging."

Young said she is "by God's goodness in the midst of such a storm" and have experiences how "good" and "faithful" He is. She expressed belief that Montagu is "going to be fully healed" and have asked that people continue to pray for her and "worship" with them while they wait for her sister's recovery. She professed that prayer is a "powerful weapon."