A minister is calling those who supported "evil" during the 2020 U.S. elections to repentance.

In his own blog The Flaming Herald, Bert Farias, founding minister of Holy Fire Ministries, called those who have supported evil during the past election to repent. Farias did not just call out unbelievers. He also mentioned Christians who were guilty of not acting like Christians during the election which now led to a "point of crisis" by "undoing what President Trump did" by signing executive orders that now allow state-funded abortion and even transgender males to participate in women's sports.

"If only more professing Christians acted like Christians at the ballot box our nation would've never reached this point of crisis," Farias said.

Farias, who cited a video from noted California-based minister Mario Murillo, said there is still "good news" for those who are "truly repentant" saying that those who believe "will see the hand of God moving on behalf of righteousness and holiness."

Farias also urged Christians to be patient and prayerful in this season despite the hardships, persecution and suffering that is about to come because those who keep on believing God's intervention will find "joy and celebration."

In the article, Farias emphasized that as a citizen of the Kingdom of God, he cares deeply about all the corruption, treachery and wickedness in the government, including the recent election; the same things that God is also concerned with. He then mentioned that Christians all across the country has an important duty which is to cast their vote for just and righteous leaders quoting the text of Scripture from Exodus 18:21 saying,

"Moreover you shall select from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them to be rulers..."

The evangelical minister and author consider this hour to be "critical" and a "crisis point" where Democrats do their best to shut down the voice of God and His people. But for Farias, all these "attempts will soon backfire."

He then explained how Big Tech media oppose a Christian viewpoint and further explained that the spirit of the antichrist is now becoming a dominant spirit all across the nations of the world in an effort to eliminate the true living God.

"It is common knowledge that social media organizations like Facebook and Twitter oppose righteous, conservative viewpoints that promote a Christian worldview. Look at what Twitter has done to conservative voices including President Donald Trump recently. The antichrist spirit is now the dominant spirit throughout America and the nations of the world with constant efforts to eliminate the true living God from the mainstream, but again their plans will backfire."

But God as the majority together with the believers, all these attempts will fail and backfire in time because God's kingdom will advance.

"We know their attempts will fail. Just give it some time. You and me, and all the believing ones, with God are a majority, and will always win in the end. Justice will prevail. The kingdom of God will advance."

Farias called out Christians to "wake up" like the apostle Paul has done in his many epistles because some had voted for the Democrat party who are now doing plenty of terrible things and injustices in the government.

"God will see to it that the most innocent and vulnerable in our society will be brought to justice, and the terrible things done to them brought to light. Yet many Christians voted for him, especially African-Americans. Furthermore, the same people voted for Joe Biden, a puppet to the leftist evil agenda. Wake up to righteousness people! I write this to your shame."

But just like God who is full of mercy and compassion, Farias has a call for American Christians: true repentance.

"If you are guilty, you can still repent. God will forgive you."