Trailblazing Christian music artist Carman Licciardello passed away after fighting a series of complications from surgery to repair a hiatal hernia.

The GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame Member and Iconic CCM Trailblazer, Carman Licciardello at 65 years old, died on Tuesday, February 16, 2021, at a Las Vegas, Nevada hospital resulting from complications following surgery for a hernia.

Licciardello, or more widely known by his fans as "Carman," started his musical career playing as a drummer in his mother's band when he was 15.

Carman holds the world record for having the largest audience to see a single Christian artist, set the record for the largest concert at Texas Stadium with over 71,000 fans, and led more than 80,000 worshipers in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Carman's official Facebook page wrote.

Carman had already been diagnosed with incurable multiple myeloma cancer in 2013 and experienced several years of recovery. But he reported just last year that the cancer he was battling for several years had returned and said he would not stop fighting as he is still planning to continue touring.

According to a CBN News report, Carman underwent a hernia surgery which had resulted in a sudden and life-threatening crisis, which include internal bleeding, organ failure, and then pneumonia.

A previous article from Christianity Daily wrote that people were requested to continuously pray for Carman's recovery as he battles multiple complications. A plea for prayers was even posted on Carman's Facebook page saying:

"URGENT!!!! We need you to stop right now and pray! Carman had a minor surgery last week. Recovery was not going well and his temperature continued to rise. They discovered it was caused by internal bleeding and had to do another surgery last night to fix that. His temperature has gone down but now he has pneumonia and his kidneys and liver are not working fully. He needs a touch from the Lord right now!! Please pray for a complete healing for Carman."

After pleading for prayers, Carman's health condition seems to have improved, according to Christianity Daily.

"Praise the Lord! Carman is improving every day. He is making big improvements and on his way to a full recovery. We ask that you continue to pray for him and that he recovers quickly," another Facebook statement said.

However, just Last week, Carman's team wrote again on his official Facebook page, " "Due to his long fight with cancer and the effect that has on the body, his bounce back from this has been slower than he would like. He appreciates all of the care and prayers you have sent his way," before he was pronounced dead on February 16.

In line with Carman's passing, his manager Matt Felts said, "This world has lost a light in the darkness but today Carman saw first hand the fruit of his labors."

Carman, CBN News wrote, wasn't just an iconic Christian artist, he was also an inspired evangelist who led numerous souls to Christ throughout his entire decades-long ministry.