Churches in the United Kingdom open their doors to welcome Hong Kong immigrants after their escape from China's communism.

Thousands of immigrants fled following the Chinese communist crackdown in Hong Kong which resulted to pro-democracy activists to land in jail, CBN News reported.

Even worse, freedom of speech has been halted and religious liberties are jeopardized under the tyrant government of the communists.

Bob Fu, one of the religious freedom activists in Hong Kong revealed that the crackdown happening in the country is so severe that the situation was worse than what is currently happening in mainland China.

"There is arbitrary detention, massive surveillance, and a huge crackdown of legally elected legislators. One church has had its bank account frozen, just for considering helping victims of political persecution," Fu described.

According to Fu, "what is happening in Hong Kong sends a chilling message all over the world" explaining that there seems to be no more rule of law and no more independence of any kind anymore with CCP officials targeting pro-democracy activists. Churches found to support democracy also suffer from harassment and are even threatened with arrest.

Fu added, "The world should take note: there is no rule of law anymore, no independence, no freedom of the press, no freedom of association, no freedom of speech anymore in Hong Kong. These are all gone."

An estimated 130,000 people in Hong Kong are expected to seek refuge in the U.K. and more than 500 churches have opened its doors in response to a nationwide initiative to help the fleeing immigrants. The British government will also aid the immigrants find jobs, navigate schools, get access to health care and find good restaurants that serve Chinese food.

Last year, pro-democracy groups took to the streets to protest after a national security law enacted by communist leaders casted a wide net over anything that could be viewed as "anti-government" leading to the arrest of democracy and Christian leaders like Joshua Wong.

Christianity Daily also reported that religious groups in Hong Kong have been in fear for being targeted following a raid on a church that supports democracy.

One of the church leaders revealed that the "ambiguous" law from national security has brought accusations against churches who seems to be "anti-government."

"The wording of the national security law is ambiguous, which means that churches, whether Catholic or Protestant, are now open to accusations of colluding with foreign powers."

Early this year, Christians in Hong Kong have braced themselves knowing that they might be persecuted, or worse, arrested for expressing opposition against CCP.

Despite what looks to be a bleak future for Christians and innocents in Hong Kong, U.K.'s initiative to open its doors to immigrants is a glimmer of hope to those fleeing the communist country.

With hundreds of churches signing up for the "Hong Kong Ready" initiative, the U.K. government will provide a safe refuge to thousands of Hong Kong immigrants caught in the crossfire.

Before its return to mainland China on July 1, 1997, Hong Kong was originally one of Britain's colonies for 156 years.