Lifetime channel pulled the plug on D. James Kennedy Ministries' programs, canceling them due to what it deemed as "controversial" topics.

The Christian Headlines reported that Lifetime rejected D. James Kennedy Ministries' abortion programming along with other so-called "controversial" subjects.

In a YouTube video, D. James Kennedy Ministries president Frank Wright said Lifetime has become part of the "cancel culture" and has been very restrictive of their shows that they decided to cancel their partnership with them after years of airing their "Truth That Transforms" programming. They are now looking for a new cable television platform with nationwide reach as that of Lifetime.

"If you watch #TruthsThatTransform on @Lifetime TV, you know that our program did not air the past two Sundays. Lifetime refused to air them. Dr. Frank Wright, President and CEO of D. James Kennedy Ministries has more," D. James Kennedy Ministries said on Twitter.

The tweet included the above mentioned YouTube video, which is entitled, "Lifetime Rejects Truths That Transform."

"It's very disappointing, John, and it's very significant and it has great a deal of import as it relates to not just this media ministry but the future of free speech, the future of free exercise of religion in America, even the future of constitutional governments, you might argue," Wright told Director of Creatives John Rabe who was interviewing him.

"We were just recently notified that Lifetime, our cable channel [who] has given us nationwide coverage for the last three years, is refusing to air programs that we have produced--the same kind of program that we have produced over the last three years--refusing to air them and giving us the directive that we can no longer deal with any controversial subjects: abortion--they complained about our abortion special, they wouldn't air our special on George Soros, they even refused the special on the life of George Washington--the spiritual life of George Washington," he revealed.

Wright also said that that major cable networks have taken efforts to totally remove religious programming in the past weeks. He said they could have removed any controversial content to remain on air but dismissed the idea since "it would be pointless to continue to even try to air some kind of a milquetoast program in which you can say...nothing of significance". He instead invited fellow Christians to pray and support the ministry.

"And so after discussing with the folks at Lifetime, we've decided we can't continue in this relationship. So we are now off of Lifetime effective immediately," he added.

Rabe, on the other hand, said that what Lifetime has done is becoming the norm against those who hold conservative or traditional biblical views.

"This is unfortunately happening around the Christian world, around the conservative world, where more and more people who hold traditional biblical views as we do are being de-platformed. They are losing their megaphones, are being sort of exiled from the public square--mostly by corporations and private companies," Rabe highlighted.

D. James Kennedy Ministries is set with the mission "to equip and encourage the members of the body of Christ, connecting their passions and abilities with God's calling on their lives."