Goya Foods Chief Executive Officer Robert Unanue spoke against the Leftist cancel culture's attempts to remove God from America during the Conservative Political Action Conference 2021 at Orlando, Florida last March 1.

Unanue spoke about the Leftist's cancel culture, presenting it in the form of a "Kangaroo court" he called the "Cancel Court." In this court, the Leftists are plaintiffs, while those standing up for God and America were defendants.

"The plaintiff seek to boycott, close, and destroy Goya foods and its 4000 plus direct employees, as well as, tens of thousands of indirect jobs and companies; seek to close and shutdown the US economy; seek to close all churches seek to close all schools; seek to weaponize a worldwide pandemic during the election year; seek to destroy the Trump family and all those who support life, liberty, and prosperity, as well as, the right to worship, work, love, and build; seek to kill our spirit; seek to destroy our reason to get up in the morning for God, family, and work; seek to cancel God."

"The Pledge of Allegiance that we're hearing everyday today of the United States of America said that 'we are one nation under God, indivisible but we can not be a nation that is indivisible unless we are under God'," he stressed.

"If we seek to cancel God, then we will never be one nation. Still the greatest nation on the face of the earth, America--CPAC you, the jury, must decide if we love, build, and unite or hate, destroy, and divide."

At the start of his speech, Unanue proclaimed former President Donald Trump as the current president of the United States out of his belief that "a majority of Americans voted" for him. He praised Trump for being a president who "revitalized" America's economy, who brought "jobs back to America, and who "defended life and liberty."

Unanue then narrated his experience last year when he was at the White House donating food that will serve as "nourishment" to people in America and globally "during the pandemic." He said he was "canceled" for blessing the President and the recipients of his donation by those advocating the cancel culture such that these people pushed to boycott Goya, which he partly owned.

Unanue particularly mentioned Texas Senator Julian Castro as lead of the plaintiffs during his speech. Castro, who retweeted on July 10, 2020 The Hill's post on Unanue speaking in the White House blessing and praising Trump for being a "builder," pushed followers to "think twice before buying" Goya products.

In a short interview for the American Thought Leaders Podcast during the Conference, Unanue was asked regarding his experience in line with the Conservative Political Action Conference 2021 theme "America Uncanceled" and shared his experience on it.

Unanue expressed his appreciation being in the Conservative Political Action Conference 2021 where there are many "like-minded people who believe in God." He repeated the context of what he said during his speech by sharing his "very horrific" while he was at the White House on July 9, 2020 "to give away two million pounds of food because" Goya "was up and running courageously" despite the pandemic. It was horrific because he "used the word 'blessed'," particularly blessed "to have a president" like Trump and because Goya is open and "able to give back to the country," that was "met with so much fervor-- negativity, canceling."

He said the experience helped him realize that "what we're doing is canceling God. They want to--the cancel culture--wants take God out of everything." By saying everything, he meant to "redefining the family" the "indoctrination" children get a lot of these days aside being able to have the reason to get up in the morning to work.