An American minister rebuked a group of pro-life evangelicals who voted for Biden and advised them to repent, instead of "whining" for his "lies."

Signed by Dr. Richard Mouw of Fuller Seminary and Ronald J. Sider of Evangelicals for Social Action, the group who called themselves "Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden" has written an open letter expressing their disappointment over the Hyde Amendment's exclusion in the COVID-19 relief package, as well as the administration's support for funding abortion. The letter also urged the president to honor his commitment for a dialogue and "common ground solutions" for abortion.

In his article, Mario Murillo likened the mentioned pro-life evangelicals to a "Karen," an individual who feels entitled, for writing the letter. He said that their action only reminded people of their "folly."


Mario Murillo
Mario Murillo



He further stated that they appeared to have lacked self-awareness, adding that their title as "Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden" equates to "godly atheist."

The minister said that the evangelicals can expect nothing from Biden.

"What did they expect? 'He lied to us!' Joe Biden always lies. He lied about his grades. He lied about his achievements. He lied about China. He lied about his son. He is a liar and has always been a liar. Again, what did you expect?" he said.

He then called them "poor things," trusting Biden's campaign promise but the president now declines a dialogue on abortion. He also mocked them for believing to have "common ground solutions" on abortion from the "most pro-abortion, thieving, dishonest administration in history."

Murillo said that their letter can do nothing to threaten the president or make him feel "remorse" for using them.

He also called them "fools."

"They yearn to prove that Christians can be as smart as "regular" intellectuals. Instead, their insecurity drives their mind to oxymorons. The Bible says, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools," the minister stated.

He continued by saying that Trump, whom he described as "the most pro-life President ever," was despised for being "crude." Trump, he said, is too crude for the members of the elite class and educated people, the group which the evangelicals wanted to be accepted.

"Their need for acceptance outweighed the need to stand for righteousness. Again, professing themselves to be wise they became fools," he further stated.

Moreover, the minister said that they have no right to feel "hurt and abused," as they have claimed in their letter, because those who are actually feeling that way are the Christians "who looked up too them and relied on them to provide godly counsel on the election." He added that due to "their reckless disregard for counsel and wisdom," they have aided "usher in the most anti-Christ administration America has ever known," as well as "empowering the death mills of Planned Parenthood."

He then advised the evangelicals to repent for voting Biden and leading other Christians to violate their conscience.

"You who signed that letter aided evil in the name of good. Instead of whining that Biden lied to you, you should all be repenting for voting for Biden in the first place. And even worse, you should be repenting for leading others to violate their Christian conscience," Murillo concluded.