The son of Evangelist Luis Palau led an evangelistic festival in Florida, turning more than 2,000 people to Christ prior to the minister's passing.

A few days before the passing of the late evangelist, Andrew Palau spearheaded the Space Coast CityFest throughout Brevard County on March 6-7. The event took off after more than two years of preparation.

Detailed in the Luis Palau Association website, the event was preceded by a "festival week" that held multiple outreaches and gatherings in the county, including prison outreaches, a couple of gatherings for women, first responder breakfast and luncheon for civic and business leaders.

 The festival featured a number of artists such as Casting Crowns, Zach Williams, Mac Powell, Mandisa, Social Club Misfits and Andy Mineo. It also presented shows like stunt demos from professional skaters, BMX and FMX athletes, as well as presentations of the Gospel.

The program has provided opportunities for the churches in the region to unite in service, including foster care and adoption, partnering with schools, addressing homelessness and hunger, revitalizing families and neighborhood and awareness campaign on opioid crisis and mental health.

The organization plans to hold the same event on other cities and countries such as Hermiston in Oregon, Blantyre in Malawi, Buenos Aires and Mendoza in Argentina, Egypt, Naples in Italy, Pakistan, Manchester in New Hampshire, Manchester in United Kingdom and Ghana.

14 years ago, the late evangelist also held a campaign in the state, establishing relationships in the community.

The ministry was founded in 1978 after Reverend Billy Graham inspired Mr. Luis Palau to build his own evangelistic organization.

In an interview with CBN News in 2020 after contemplating on his cancer diagnosis, Mr. Palau said that he was ready to go with the Lord but also sad over leaving his family and friends.

"The only sad thing is leaving my wife and my kids and the team and a few of my best friends. But really, I'm ready to go. I have the peace of the Lord," he said.

He further shared that it was time for him to allow his sons to handle the ministry.

"You got to make room for the next generation to freely minister - freely do. Although you think, 'Ok, we've transitioned.' Kevin is the president [and] Andrew is the better-known evangelist. But are you still in the way? And I've come to realize I am somewhat in the way," Mr. Palau stated.

Mr. Palau passed away on March 11, following years of battling lung cancer. He is remembered for his 50 years of service in evangelism, proclaiming the gospel to millions of people in more than 80 countries. He wrote almost 50 books, discussing issues of faith. He started ministering through radio broadcasts in 1964, flourishing into radio programs such as the Spanish-language "Luis Palau Responde" and "Reaching Your World" which were played on 5,000 radio outlets in 48 countries.

His son, Kevin, joined the ministry as its staff in 1985, uniting churches in various cities for community service and sharing the Gospel.

Andrew has been serving in the organization for more than 24 years.

The ministry is currently working to create a network of evangelists in 150 countries.