Cancel culture is an evil norm that destroys a person's life or organization. But before it turns worse, it must be addressed immediately for America's survival.

Jesus Himself became a victim of cancel culture during His time, when the authorities listened to the voice of the people calling for His crucifixion, before paying attention to His defense. With the rise of this wicked practice today, reformation is necessary to prevent the country from destruction.

John Burton, a minister, suggested nine steps to fight cancel culture through his article in The Stream.

First, listen to the accused.

Mere accusations, even with influential people, can already destroy a career or family. Often, the punishment inflicted on the subject being cancelled does not match the crime. Thus, unfair.

The accused must be listened to and be allowed to defend their positions, as well as to seek clarifications from their accusers. Their explanations must be entertained.

Good people must rise up and call for the accused to be given the opportunity to explain their positions before inflicting judgement or punishment.

Second, offer forgiveness.

Rage, anger and aggression towards the people being cancelled immensely overpower the emotion but forgiveness is more powerful.

Burton said that the country has shifted into a culture that celebrates people's destruction. The society has become one that resolves a country's mistake "by eliminating all who err", as well as those who are associated with. An example of this is the slogan during the George Floyd protests that seeks to defund the entire police force instead of just prosecuting the bad cops.

Forgiveness is the better alternative for anger and rage. Forgiveness does not mean condoning the bad behavior but showing love to a person who failed. All men are sinners, after all, who were just forgiven through the blood of Jesus on the cross. Without His forgiveness, everyone deserves hell.

Third, offer a path of redemption.

Burton said that cancel culture is "drunk" on building "a path of destruction". The redemption spirit fights for the accused, not against them. He added that there is a spiritual battle "being played out every day", in which "the spirit of destruction wages war against the spirit of redemption".

Citing John 10:10, the devil condemns people with their sins, deserving of death and destruction. No one is righteous and the penalty, he said, is to be in the hands of the enemy. But God loves mankind enough that He offered a path of redemption. Regardless of the enormity of the people's sins, whether stealing, cheating or even murder, they can be redeemed. The author pointed out that "the power of love is incredible".

Further, Burton stated that if someone fails and is targeted with cancel culture, giving that person a path of redemption is "non-negotiable".

Fourth, rejecting unfounded opinions about motive.

Accusations that have no merit should not be entertained. Burton mentioned about The New York Times columnist Charles Blow's criticism of Pepe Le Pew, describing the cartoon character as one who 'normalized rape culture'. Blow's mere opinion led to the character's removal in a movie.

Destructive and unfounded opinions like this should be ignored.

Fifth, question the rulebook.

Citing a video of Grand Theft Auto game that features lust and murder, the author wondered how the wicked video was allowed to be shown while the innocent character of Pepe Le Pew was cancelled. Values of the cancel culture's proponents must be examined. Their beliefs must be scrutinized before believing in their stance.

Sixth, stop surrendering to the mob.

The mob should be tackled by brave and level-headed people, Burton said. Their call for punishment should be understood that something unholy has driven them for such. Thus, in fighting the cancel culture, people should stand in the gap and urged the subject being cancelled to stand firm.

People should stop heeding the mob and should practice love and forgiveness.

Seventh, love people more than ideologies.

Cancel culture is driven by a throw-away society, wherein people get rid of things or individuals that get in their way. This practice treats ideologies more important than human beings. This is evil and must be fought with the love of Jesus.

Eight, defend the right to differ.

People should be given the right to express their opinions, even if they contradict from the others. They should be allowed to articulate their views on controversial issues, such as election, vaccinations, pandemics or politics, free of being cancelled.

Finally, the need for revival.

The nation needs revival. People should pray for the move of God to overcome America. The author warned that without God's hand upon the country, America itself will be cancelled.

Burton has written 10 books and is a writer of Charisma Magazine. He is also a teacher, prophetic messenger, revivalist and church planter.