Christian celebrity singer Justin Bieber visited a prison in Los Angeles to support a religious program for inmates.

Together with an unidentified pastor, Bieber was spotted by TMZ visiting the California State Prison last Tuesday. His specific activities were not disclosed.

Speaking to Fox News, the representative of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said that the singer was there to support the prison's faith-based programs.

"The Warden of the institution approved a very brief visit by Mr. Bieber and his pastor to support faith-based programs at California State Prison, Los Angeles County. CDCR ensured every COVID-related precaution was taken prior to and during the visit," the representative stated.

It is heartwarming to know that Bieber is taking his faith in the Lord seriously. But how did he reignite his fire for God in the midst of his success? Premier Christianity has the story.

In 2014, Bieber was staying with Carl Lentz, then a Hillsong NYC pastor, in his apartment. One evening, upon examining everything that happened in his life for the past decade, he hit rock bottom. He dropped to his knees, cried and said that he needed Jesus. Lentz led him into a prayer and the singer accepted the Lord Jesus Christ.

After the prayer, Bieber requested to be baptized. Lentz reportedly searched for a place to schedule the baptism but the singer insisted of wanting to get baptized that very moment. They decided to go to a Manhattan hotel where the church has a pool for their baptism ceremonies. But the fans and the press were already there waiting for them.

So Lentz decided to ask the help of Tyson Chandler, whom he knew has a pool, but was inaccessible that day. Bieber was forced to have his baptism on Chandler's bathtub instead.

From then on, the singer strove to live his life for Jesus, as reflected through the songs he would later release.

In 2015, he introduced the album "Purpose," which addressed his questions about life and faith.

Then last year in February, "Changes" was released, which also highlighted God in the song.

"...people change, circumstances change. But God always remains the same," part of the lyrics said.

His latest album, "Justice," was released just on March 19.

 Bieber also opened up about his faith on social media. On his Instagram posts, captured by Republic World, the singer shared his belief on Jesus and his view on religion.

"Many people would mistake me for a religious man, which I am not. Religion points out your flaws and perpetuates discouragement," he said.

"I believe Jesus is the [S]aviour of humanity and that [H]is love is what changes us... I believe that the brokenness of humanity pains God and that he sent an answer and provided hope in Jesus," he continued.

"My advice is to steer clear of religion, but put your hope in the eternal [O]ne who died an excruciating death so that you and I could truly live on for eternity. This is what I believe and it has brought me extraordinary peace through the pains of this broken planet," Bieber, who now considers Churchome his home church, stated further..