Now that Democrats comprise the majority of the White House and the Congress, conservative media and political analysts see this as a signal to more "socialist-like moves."

CBN News reports that in "Socialists Don't Sleep," Cheryl Chumley sees the new administration as working to forcefully move America toward socialism. The Christian news network highlighted the following signs from Chumley's claim:

Biden's Signing of Executive Orders

Still speaking to CBN, Chumley asserts that "a president who spends his first couple of weeks in office doing nothing but signing executive orders is certainly advancing Socialist principles."

"Financial Issues" host Dan Celia warns that efficiency, without giving an allowance of time for the public to process what is happening, is part of a socialist's schemes.

"Any time Socialism has entered into a government, an economy, it moved very quickly," he said. "And I got to tell you, there are things moving in lightning speed right now. They have to move fast because they can't allow anybody to realize it and try to correct it."

The Keystone Pipeline

President Biden's cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline project is both interpreted by Chumley and Celia as "part of a broader plan to dominate the energy sector."

"You have this shuttering of a free-market venture that employed up to 11,000 people. And then on the other hand, you have a government takeover using tax dollars of a sector that was being developed in the private sector. So look at that. That's pure Socialism right there," declared Chumley.

From the indigenous peoples' perspective, the cancelation is a win in the battle to address climate crises. Noting that Biden's climate team has also come from Obama's previous administration, The Guardian infers that Biden's "climate actions are focused almost entirely on restoring Obama-era policies." This was also affirmed by Celia.

"Saying to the Far Left 'we're going to do what President Obama tried to do, and we're just going to keep it in the ground. We don't want any oil. We don't want oil traveling. We don't want any fossil fuel," Celia said.

"The silencing, censoring, and de-platforming of the Right"

Celia warns that taking away free speech from groups that oppose a present administration should not be taken lightly.

"Taking away free speech unless you're Far Left: if they are willing to come out of the chute attacking that now, what's in store?"

The Equality Act

Chumley states that it's socialism when the State attempts to remove or replace the roles of parents and religious leaders in their oversight of children's education.

"The reason that would be Socialist is it creates a chaotic situation that breaks down the family unit, which is the building block of free societies," she said.

Setting a Basic Universal Income

For Chumley, it's warning sign of a socialist-type mindset "when you have the government tinkering in the private market, and setting the standards of what private market employers can pay their employees." Her comment is on the imposed $15 minimum wage.

Other signs mentioned were the intentional slowing down of the economy to later serve the Far-Left agenda, and the non-response from the Wall Street people who have subscribed to the socialist ideology.

Chumley argues that the "greater good" for the "collective" mindset is a threat to the free markets and individual freedoms.

"Socialism sucks the soul out of individuals, and in its place puts this mindset that your main reason for being, your primary reason for living is to serve the state," she said.