On Tuesday, mainstream media outfit CNN blatantly claimed that the term "biological sex" is a "misleading" and "disputed term" used to describe a person's body.

The Daily Wire reported that CNN purported the matter in line with a news item on South Dakota House Bill 1217 that is currently a hot item in circulation due to the disagreements on it between Governor Kristi Noem and state legislators. CNN said there is no way of knowing a person's sex at birth.

"It's not possible to know a person's gender identity at birth, and for some people, the sex listed on their original birth certificate is a misleading way of describing the body they have," CNN breaking news reporter Devin Cole wrote.

"While sex is a category that refers broadly to physiology, a person's gender is an innate sense of identity. The factors that go into determining the sex listed on a person's birth certificate may include anatomy, genetics and hormones, and there is broad natural variation in each of these categories. For this reason, the language of 'biological sex', as used in this legislation, can be overly simplistic and misleading," Cole added.

The Daily Wire revealed that the article was updated by CNN on Wednesday after it received bashing online and revised it with an editor's note that said "to provide additional explanation as to the distinctions between gender and sex" along with an explanation of why "biological sex" is a disputed term. It also removed the claim "no consensus for assigning sex at birth."

In his Twitter account, Cole continued with his claims on the matter. As of writing time, his post garnered 12 likes among his 3,000 followers.

"I just can't believe anyone out there actually thinks there are boys across the country plotting to pretend to be trans so they can play on the girls varsity soccer team. Have you ever met any boys??" he said on Wednesday.

As per Daily Wire, renowned online commentator Ben Shapiro and The Washington Examiner columnist Tim Carney were among those who condemned CNN for "lying and idiocy."

Shapiro tweeted his disbelief with a screenshot of the CNN article's paragraph on its biological sex claims. Shapiro said that all those who believe what CNN said are "idi*ts" and cited children to know better the "difference between biological boys and girls" with 100% accuracy most of the time. He stressed that "all mammalian biology is sexually dimorphic" and pointed out that people who suffer from gender dysphoria "is a different question."

Carney, on the other hand, tweeted that "CNN is literally lying" and pointed out that both its writer and its editor know the difference between an infant boy from a girl. He stressed that it is "rank dishonesty in service of culture war."

The Daily Wire pointed out that Ethics and Public Policy Center President Ryan Anderson commented on Carney's post and acknowledged him as being "entirely correct" and called out to CNN for its "ridiculous 'news' story." Anderson pointed out the misnomer in using the word "assign" in reference to sex because it "implies convention/choice" used by "gender activists" since one's sex at birth is something "we recognize and acknowledge" as "a natural reality."