Revivalist John Burton calls for more compassionate prayers over people who mock God and those that reject His truth. He said that in this "spiritual war," lost people are not Christianity's real enemies.

Writing for The Stream on Monday, Burton looked at last year's and recent events as a revealing of "yet another angle of the ugly side of Christianity."

He contends that Christians in the United States are becoming more entrenched in "hatred, division, rage, finger pointing, and shaming" instead of exhibiting heavenly wisdom which is "pure, peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere."

While Burton agrees that Christians ought not to be apathetic nor lukewarm, he wants them to understand who they are really battling against and the nature of war they are in.

"I agree that we need men and women of God to speak boldly on political and cultural issues that are destroying our nation," wrote Burton. "To remain silent from behind the pulpit on the far-left agendas that are killing America is enough to disqualify anyone from ministry. We need holy, anointed freedom fighters to emerge."

"However, it's critical to understand just what freedom we are fighting for. Yes, there's a battle for our nation, but too many have lost focus by identifying as American patriots ahead of Kingdom ambassadors. This war is a spiritual war."

Building his case from this premise, Burton went on to explain how Christians could give sober responses instead of just being reactionary to things that would push their buttons.

"Freedom for a Nation is Not Freedom in Christ"

"It's telling when American Christians presume God has promised freedom in our nation while forgetting freedom in Christ can be found in prisons, in Communist nations, and anywhere other people remove natural freedoms from us," observes Burton.

He argues that nowhere in the Bible did God promise a "perpetual national freedom," only conditional "prosperity" to nations that would keep his commandments. Burton also thought it necessary to explain the context of Jeremiah 29:11, one of the most quoted verses and a usual reference to God's promise of prosperity.

"I might argue that America is closer to being sent into exile than it is stepping into promise," he said.

To prevent more catastrophes from happening, America's response, according to Burton, "should be a hardcore turning to God, national repentance, and a heart-wrenching cry for revival."

Compassion Accomplishes More than Misplaced Corrections

 Using Lil Nas X's collaboration with MSCHF in marketing 666 pairs of "Satan Shoes" as illustration, Burton reminded Christians that their response should have been like that of Jesus when he cried on the cross, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they're doing."

"It's rare to find people crying out with passion for God to move on the hearts of people like Lil Nas X, President Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bill Maher, Whoopi Goldberg and others who are commonly in the sights of our holy sniper rifles," he said.

Burton also stressed that "righteous banter" will not "bring correction" to people whose hearts have not been regenerated yet, hence his plea for "tears" and "compassion."

"How can we expect those who have not had a genuine encounter with the Holy Spirit to ever buy into our brand of morality and values?" said Burton.

"Those who don't know Christ are not our enemies, and we aren't theirs," he added. "It would be hard to believe that in today's volatile American culture however."

Rallying More Intercessors

Having written at length about what he perceived as blind spots, the mainstay contributor for Charisma Magazine - the outlet for Charismatic and Pentecostal teachings - urged America's intercessors to rise and "battle for souls" in their prayers.

"An intellectual or emotional affirmation of the truth of the Bible will never transform a human heart," reasoned Burton. "Yes, they may engage positively at a logical or emotional level. Yes, they may try to understand our point of view. Most, however, will partially or fully reject a biblical worldview unless a supernatural, unmistakable, life-altering, soul-shocking invasion of God's glory floods into their being."