More than 240 people from Michigan allegedly turn out to be positive for COVID-19 with three reported dead despite completing their vaccinations.

The Epoch Times reported that data from Michigan shows 246 residents turn up positive for COVID after two weeks of full vaccination. While Fox 2 Detroit said that the 246 was out of the 1.7M fully vaccinated residents by end of March.

Those who still caught on the virus were asymptomatic or showed milder symptoms compared to those who have not been vaccinated. This means, according to Fox 2, that .0001 will recur getting sick with the virus despite being vaccinated.

Fox 2 went on to explain the rate of efficacy of the vaccines which are 94% for Moderna and 95% for Pfizer. The media outlet went on to say that Governor Gretchen Whitmer's statement of no vaccinated people being hospitalized was rather contradictory to actual data available.

"Zero percent of the people in our hospitals right now have been vaccinated, which tells you the vaccines work," the governor said as per Fox 2.

KATV added that of the 246 vaccinated, there were 11 hospitalized and 129 incomplete cases since health departments were either early or late into the investigation. KATV cited Michigan health expert Dr. Joneigh Khaldun in stating that those vaccinated who get infected with COVID-19 afterwards are unlikely to die or be hospitalized.

"It is not a failure at all if someone does get COVID-19 after they've had the vaccine. They're likely gonna be not as sick and they're also likely gonna not pass it to other people who can also get very sick," Khaldun told KATV in an interview.

As per KATV, the three reported dead were aged 65 years or older with the two dying within three weeks of completing vaccination.

The World Health Organization in January held a meeting to review reported deaths of vaccinated individuals. In their website, the WHO's GACVS COVID-19 Vaccination Safety subcommittee used data on "frail, elderly individuals "who had received the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, BNT162b2 (hereafter, BNT162b2)."

The meeting included the European Medicines Agency and the Uppsala Monitoring Center who presented data from Europe on the matter and used "careful scientific review of the information made available" to them to come up with conclusions on the issue.

"The current reports do not suggest any unexpected or untoward increase in fatalities in frail, elderly individuals or any unusual characteristics of adverse events following administration of BNT162b2. Reports are in line with the expected, all-cause mortality rates and causes of death in the sub-population of frail, elderly individuals, and the available information does not confirm a contributory role for the vaccine in the reported fatal events. In view of this, the committee considers that the benefit-risk balance of BNT162b2 remains favourable in the elderly, and does not suggest any revision, at present, to the recommendations around the safety of this vaccine," WHO said.

WHO then suggested to continue in monitoring the safety of the vaccines and to "promote routine after-care following immunization" as commonly practiced in medicine for any vaccine. They also enticed all data regarding the matter to be forwarded to their agency while the GACVS subcommittee continues its monitoring efforts on the safety of the vaccines.