A Christian musician revealed how faith and prayer played as significant factors in overcoming trials in his life.

Colton Dixon, an American Idol finalist, shared his experience about God's amazing works, inspiring him to write a song reflecting faith, CBN News reported.

The singer explained how God brought his daughter back to life. He and his wife, Annie, welcomed their twins last August.

He said that they were excited when they went to the hospital. But after 30 hours, the doctor informed him that his wife had to deliver the babies through caesarian section. They proceeded with the operation. However, when his first daughter came out, she was not breathing. The baby stayed too long in the birth canal.

"And at that moment we had that decision to make. Faith or fear," he continued.

His wife then told him that they should pray, believing "that God is still in the business of doing miracles".

"So we pray, 'Your will is done here on earth as it is in heaven'. We watched as the amazing doctors and nurses and God, of course, brought our daughter back to life. It was the longest minute and a half of our lives but we are so thankful," he added.

The singer released his song "Miracles" last year. Co-written with Michael Jade, Dixon said that the song was created while he was in a challenging moment in his life. He was jobless at that time, having dropped by his label and clueless about his future. But his wife encouraged him that changed his outlook.

"She said, 'What if this isn't a setback like it may seem but what if it's a setup for what's next...for what God's doing next.' So that what we stood on. We leaned in, we believed and prayed for the best," Dixon continued.

"We watched God open doors that no man can shut and here we are with new music. I think it's the journey that builds your faith. If we never went through trials, we wouldn't have the need for faith. But when we do, we come out the other end stronger," he further said.

In conclusion, the musician said that he is excited with what God will do in their lives as they walk in faith.

"We're going to take it one step at a time and see what God has for us this year. But He is already doing amazing things in our lives and I'm just excited to see what He does next," the musician stated.

Dixon, a native of Tennessee, placed seventh in 2012's season 11 of American Idol. He charmed the audience with his "theatrical vocals and upfront spirituality." He then signed with Sparrow Records. His album, "A Messenger," was released in 2013, claiming the number 15 of Billboard Top 200 and number 1 on the Christian albums chart. He would release three more albums with the same label, including "Anchor" in 2014, "The Calm Before the Storm" in 2015 and "Identity" in 2017.

In January last year, the singer signed with Atlantic Records, releasing his single "Miracles" just 10 days after.