Scott Walker is sounding the alarm on leftist propaganda that's eating up the youth and is hoping to take them back to the conservative side through a new campaign.

The former Wisconsin Governor is taking a stand against leftist, Marxist ideologies that have seeped into the minds of the youth in the last few years. To combat this, he launched a campaign against radical leftists who are silencing the opposition through "cancel culture."

The campaign is called "The Long Game" and was launched by Walker's Young America's Foundation (YAF).

"You're seeing your country slip away. Free speech is under attack from Big Tech censorship, leftist radicalism and a culture of fear and intimidation," the former governor declared in a video about "The Long Game" in which he spoke as the president of YAF, Newsweek reported.

Walker explained that the title was inspired by the late Saul Alinsky and his supporters who for years used academia, media, and even Hollywood to push their leftist agenda into the mainstream.

"The left is stepping up their efforts to go after young people, and to reach them sooner with radical levels of indoctrination," Walker warned, explaining that the move was not something that happened "overnight." Instead, he believes that the left began its movement to take on colleges and culture "over a half-century ago." As he explained this, the video showed images of Alinsky and Presidents Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Walker's YAF has chapters in about 2,000 college campuses across the country and is looking to expand to 2,000 more universities, technical schools, and community colleges, as well as penetrate high schools and middle schools to win back youth from leftist, Marxist ideologies. Walker is not alone, however, as the YAF operates on an annual budget of $30 million from foundations and individual donors.

"Conservative students are afraid not only of hurting their grades, but also of retaliation from other students," Walker explained. He told CBN News, "This total Cancel Culture, this lack of free speech and the ability to speak out and express their opinions."

The 53 year-old Republican argued that because of cancel culture, people can no longer disagree and debate the issues. Instead, those that disagree are labeled "racist or sexist or transphobic" or other terms that condemn people who don't align with leftist, Marxist ideologies. Walker wants to change this. In fact, the YAF experienced major success in UC Berkeley, a university they took to court after the school made it hard for YAF to introduce conservative speakers at school events.

This victory had embolden Walker, who said he is willing to take on more schools that aim to silence the right through more lawsuits in the name of free speech. YAF is also investing in YouTube lectures, ads on FOX News, Newsmax TV, and other outlets, and podcasts. "The Long Game" is truly a movement.

Walker warned, "The Constitution's on our side, and we're going to invoke it in every state, every campus, every place we need to."

Watch the video below to know more about "The Long Game."