Hollywood celebrity Tyler Perry urged people to "reject hate" during his award acceptance speech at the 2021 Oscars on Sunday.

Tyler Perry received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award during the Oscars ceremony that was given to him by Viola Davis, Faithwire reported. Perry was recognized for his charitable acts especially during the height of the pandemic last year when he paid for the groceries of senior citizens.

His charitable acts were mentioned during the awarding and included buying the said groceries for 1,000 neighbors, supporting a woman's shelter, and paying the tuition fee of a hardworking student.

"In this time, with all the internet and social media and algorithms and everything that wants us to think a certain way--the 24-hour news cycle--it is my hope that all of us will teach our kids, and not only remember, but just refuse hate. Don't hate anybody," Perry said after receiving the award.

"I refuse to hate someone because they are Mexican or because they are black or white or LGBTQ," he continued. "I refuse to hate someone because they are a police officer. I refuse to hate someone because they are Asian. I would hope we would refuse hate," he stressed.

"To anyone who wants to stand in the middle, that's where healing happens, change happens. So anyone who wants to meet me in the middle to refuse hate," he added, "to help lift someone's feet off the ground, this one is for you, too."

Perry attributes his charitable works to an incident that happened to him 20 years ago, when a homeless woman came up to him and asked for a pair of shoes much to his surprise, Faithwire revealed

Perry, who is a writer, actor, director, and producer, said during the awarding that he was giving the homeless woman money but when she said she wanted a pair of shoes, he allowed her to get inside his home and pick one from his wardrobe.

The woman was delighted and remarked, "Thank you, Jesus, my feet are off the ground." The woman said she actually thought he would "hate" her, to which he remarked, "How could I hate you when I used to be you?" Since then, that incident has pushed him to do charitable works.

According to his website, Perry attributes his refusal to hate from his mother who taught him to "refuse blanket judgment." This is why he hopes that every parent will teach their children to do the same, to "just refuse hate."

The website said that the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian award was given Perry for his "cultural influence extending far beyond his work as a filmmaker." The website also said it gave people "hope."

Fox News TV Host Sean Hannity commended Perry's speech as a "moment of sanity" in a tweet on Monday, as he shared a blog post that contained a video clip on the event.

"MOMENT OF SANITY: Tyler Perry Tells Oscars He 'Refuses to Hate Police Officers'," Hannity said.

New York Times best-selling author of "Mostly Sunny" Janice Dean praised Perry for his "incredible speech" that "most of Hollywood don't want to hear." She included a screenshot of Perry's speech given during the Oscars ceremony. Many netizens appreciated him, too, for his words of healing.