Former Republican Gov. Chris Christie is accusing President Joe Biden of hiding a "socialist agenda" in the sweeping spending proposal that will be tackled in the president's first address to Congress this week.

Christie, who is eyeing a 2024 presidency, is accusing President Biden of "not telling the truth to the American people to hide a socialist agenda." The 58 year-old former federal prosecutor leveled his accusations at the president during a conference call meeting in New Hampshire with Right-of-Center, a group of conservative activists and leaders.


Former Gov. Chris Christie
Former Gov. Chris Christie



WND reported that President Biden's speech will not be a State of the Union address but instead an address before a joint session of Congress, where he is expected to present his agenda for pandemic recovery, economic development, infrastructure, and more. COVID-19 restrictions have limited attendance to just 200 members of the Congress and only secretaries of state and defense will represent the Cabinet. The Supreme Court will be represented by just one person: Chief Justice John Roberts.

According to FOX News, President Biden is looking to propose the $1.8 trillion American Families Plan, which the White House calls "once-in-a-generation investments in our nation's future." The money that will pay for such a proposal will come from a major tax hike for the U.S. richest individuals, which will see a doubling of capital gains tax on investors who earn over $1 million.

The major tax hike proposal is also looking to increase corporate tax rate and funnel billions of dollars into the Internal Revenue Service for enhanced tax enforcement and auditing of the highest earners in the country. President Biden had previously committed to maintaining tax rates of those who earn less than $400,000 a year.

Christie, who believes Biden is hiding a "socialist agenda" with his major tax hike proposal, argued that "it's a lie that he won't tax anybody under $400,000 per year. It's just simply not true." The former federal prosecutor pointed out that there will be a "family business tax increase" which involves taxing families who want to start a business.

These are the very same people who may be significantly earning less than $400,000 annually but will be subjected to increased taxes under the "family business tax" that the president is proposing.

The former governor called upon Republicans to push back against President Biden's major tax hike proposal, specifically the "family business tax increase" and capital gains increase which Christie called a "tax attack on IRAs and 401ks." Christie predicted that the major tax hike proposal will cause the stock market to fall and cause average investors to "lose their retirement nest egg."

Christie believes that President Biden is set on "weaponizing the IRS'' just as the Obama-Biden administration did in a campaign against conservatives when the two were "in charge of the government." He added that President Biden is looking to continue what the Obama-Biden administration started with the IRS, which Christie believes is "already intrusive enough in our lives."